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    IF you're still playing with options on this saddle, I'd try the next seat size & see what happens with your position, have lessons, take video etc - then do the same with the saddle in your photos.

    I like your paddock/half chap idea much better than compromising boot fit to get height etc - this is not a kindness to old injuries.

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    Actually, I was looking at this picture and the pommel appeared to be very high. However, looking at the other pictures again, it is probably just the angle at which the camera was held.

    Quote Originally Posted by Renn/aissance View Post
    I can see why you think that from the pictures, but fortunately, that is not the case!

    I'm dealing with ankle and knee injuries which have affected where I can comfortably place my foot in the stirrup (also the reason I use a wide tread lightweight stirrup- fillis iron is not an option if I want to put any weight in my heels. I dragged them out for a medal final earlier this year and deeply regretted it.) Regardless, I'll give your suggestions on repositioning the foot a shot. I'm also going to go back to paddock boots and half chaps for a bit. At the very least, the paddocks actually fit my foot, whereas my field boots are a half size too big to get the height I needed. I'm also going to stick the saddle on another horse whose build puts my leg in a different place, just to double check. I suspect that I will owe the rep a phone call with an "I'm sorry that I'm crazy, but the saddle is great, Merry Christmas!" apology.

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    I just want to thank you for posting this thread with pictures. Let's just say I had a flap length awareness day.

    That saddle looks delicious. What kind is it?
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    I think the flap looks too small for you, however...its all about personal choice not looks. I have one where the flap is probably a little longer than it should be - but that's the way I like that's the way I ordered the saddle.

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    Gumshoe, yes, it's just the angle- the horse is uphill, but not that uphill. It is a little pommel high, but the rep swore that it would break in to not be that way, and he has been right. It's been better every ride and by today it was just about perfect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bristol Bay View Post
    I just want to thank you for posting this thread with pictures. Let's just say I had a flap length awareness day.

    That saddle looks delicious. What kind is it?
    It's a Devoucoux Biarritz. Specifically, and I only mention this because when I searched for info on it here there was just about nothing, it's one of their D3D saddles. I was really skeptical when the rep said "If you want something that will fit your horse and others, the solution is not a pro panel and shims, it is a new saddle," for obvious reasons. (And I did make sure I saw the panel arrangement I'd originally wanted sitting on my horse, and he was right- that was not the solution.) But I'll be switched- my horse loves it, and I've ridden a couple of others in it who have totally different builds, and it was a more than acceptable fit on them as well. I was completely not planning on purchasing a new saddle, but I'm really glad I did.

    Today I rode in it in half chaps to see if that made a difference, and it did. I still feel that it's a little bit short, but I love where it puts my leg and don't want to mess around with that, so if I'm comfortable in it on my sister's horse tomorrow (a totally different build from my guy- mine is like sitting around a barrel and hers is like sitting on the roof) I'm going to save up for new boots and call it good.
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