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    Nov. 28, 2006

    Default Help! Foster dog peeing in crate!

    Two nights ago I brought in a foster dog. He's older but I was told he was house trained and had been kept in a crate at some point in his life and that he was used to it.

    I have two other dogs that I want to slowly introduce him to, so when they are out he is in the crate (as well as at night).

    So far he has wet the crate every time I put him in it. Regardless of if I have JUST taken him out and he goes. One time I let him go to the bathroom outside, I put him in the crate and checked on him after half an hour and he had peed.

    I'm not sure if the crate is too large or what reason he is doing this.

    Can someone give me some suggestions please!!

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    Feb. 18, 2008
    Long Island


    I don't have experience with this, but I'm wondering if it might be an anxiety thing? That or he may have some health issues going on- how old is "older"? Does he have accidents in the house?

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    Feb. 23, 1999
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    I'd check to see if he has a UTI. If so, treat it.

    in the meantime, get a belly band for him so that you don't lose your mind while dealing with the situation.

    Oh, and put half of an overnight maxi pad in the belly band. I don't know the breed of this dog, but this will absorb the entire bladder of pee of a dog up to about 30 pounds. Use a whole one if he is larger.
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    Nov. 28, 2006


    He had a full work up by the rescue's vet before I got him, but I'm not sure if they checked for a UTI. I'm assuming no, since he wasn't having accidents.

    We think he's between 8 or 9, he's some sort of a Shepard, maybe some hound mixed in? He's about 25 inches at the withers.

    He hasn't had an accident in the house at all.

    I'm going to try just closing him in the kitchen (so he doesn't stain the carpet) and leaving the crate open with his bed in it.

    The belly band is a good idea, too bad it's Christmas eve!!

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    Mar. 10, 2007


    Duct tape!
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