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    Jul. 31, 2007

    Default Acts of generosity: Bring 'em!

    Sometimes I don't think the best of people-- as a default. I want to change that, so I think it might help to be bathed in examples of people being generally good.

    Could you kindly bring me a whole big slew of examples? Large, small, unexpected, things you have paid forward.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Jan. 4, 2007


    This large family ran a small mom and pop local cafe.
    The husband was the main cook, the rest assistants, servers and bottle washers.
    The kids too, they were home schooled all along in the restaurant.
    Some times patrons would get questions and helped them with the classroom work.

    Well, the husband out of the blue just died one day.

    Everyone helped the family, as they decided what to do next.
    They were thinking of moving South to live by other family members.
    Someone had won a trip to Six Flags for a week, all expenses paid and gave it to them to go have some days off there as it was close to where their family lived, so they could go check things out.
    The rest of us made sure they had enough to get everyone over there and have some to spend while there.

    One day the mother hugged me and would not let go, crying and thanking all of us for the big help we had been to their family.
    She sent thank you letters to all, wonderfully written, heartfelt ones.
    The main thought in those letters, that those small gifts were so welcome, but mostly to know that all cared about their family in their time of tragedy and helped them move forward.

    Some times, giving is not about, well, giving, but about seeing a need and doing whatever fits that need and following up with your help until it is not needed any more.
    What that need may be, there is no telling, it is whatever it may be.
    That is what matters, that it be of help, that you are there for a need, not the giving itself.

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    Jun. 22, 2007
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    I've typed this situation before, not sure if it was here...

    Finishing up Christmas shopping several years ago-just stocking stuffers for the kids. While I don't spoil our kids, we are blessed, and our housing is secure. Ahead of me in line was a youngish woman, she had underwear, socks, clothes, a few candy items, and toys, clearly for 2-3 children. This was at Wally World, everything store brand. When her sale was rung up, she was a bit short on cash.

    She scanned the items, biting her lip in distress, trying to pick out what to remove-what child would be "shorted"?? As a Mom, I could see she was struggling. People were starting to get impatient-you could feel it...

    "Here", I said, going by the man ahead of me-"take this, and keep the change"...It was $20.00, which covered the amount she was short. The joy in her face was immediate. After I was rung out, I realized she was waiting for me, she thanked me profusely, crying. The man between us had also stopped on his way out and given her $50.00 or $100.00? more in cash "for the kids".

    Single mother, no help from the dad. Best gift I ever gave. I hope she's doing better today-this was about 10 years ago...

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    Apr. 15, 2008


    i dunno, does helping the harpist at a recent concert i went to wrangle her harp out of the building into her car (in the sleet) count? (full disclosure: i tried to send my brother to help her but he disappeared into the men's room. wimp. ) i was kind of surprised no one organizing the concert had arranged an extra pair of hands for her. i didn't think it was a biggie but she seemed appreciative.
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    For years we have sponsored a family at various local charities that support children and families who are in need.

    A few years ago, I partnered up with Amazon Prime and we took it digital-- and about 500 people bought $10,000 plus worth of gifts for needy kids.

    From that there is now a Reddit group that handles it all,

    My fiance and I still do a local family, of course.

    There's also a local family in need whose child has celiac disease-- I make sure to buy some extra gluten-free stuff and donate it, the foodbank knows to earmark it for that family. I finally got to talk to them and the daughter (who is 8 or 9 now I think) is still so thrilled that she can eat cookies with her friends at school now.

    It's the little things, really.

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    Mar. 26, 2005
    Back to Normal.. or as close as I'll ever get


    A couple/three years ago my driveway always got plowed after a snowstorm.
    Obviously done by someone with a tractor.
    I never saw who was doing this, just grateful I didn't have to shovel my way out.

    One Saturday I decided to at least treat the Mystery Plowman and baked some cookies, put them in a Ziploc bag & tied that to my garage door where Plowman would be sure to see them along with a note thanking whoever.

    I went shopping & got home just in time to catch the plow finishing my drive.
    Turned out to be a neighbor from down the road.
    Who tried to refuse the cookies AND being thanked - told me he does all the drives he sees left undone as he takes the tractor back to the guy he co-owns it with.
    Part of it, I know, is Boys & Their Toys, but still a lifesaver for me.

    I've paid it forward by loaning his son my truck - a kind of permanent free lease that is Win-win for us both.
    He gets the use of the truck for the cost of gas & oil changes, we've split any large repairs and I don't have to make the effort to drive the MonsterTruck weekly to keep the battery alive.
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
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    Nov. 24, 2006


    Two years ago a friend and neighbor of ours had a heart attack in the afternoon. When my daughter found out she insisted that I drop her and a friend off at their house and they spent hours cleaning the house for them so his wife wouldn't have to worry about anything so trivial while she was spending her time at the hospital with him. My daughter was 12 ;-)

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    Feb. 1, 2008
    Nowhere, Maryland


    In my experience people can be incredibly awesome. I'm kind of a walking disaster sometimes, and I've done things like drop my wallet full of cash in a crowded train station in Boston (it was turned in before I even realized it was gone) and flatten the tires on a borrowed horse trailer trying to squeeze past a tree trimming truck (guys working didn't speak much English but still helped me change the tire and back out.)

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    Feb. 6, 2003


    We do a lot to help whenever we can.

    But another thing that's a good way to make people happy and ease a person into thinking of their fellow humans is random compliments.

    Everywhere I go I always make it a point to say something nice to someone random. Anything from, "Those boots look fantastic on you" to "you have lovely eyes" to whatever. The startled look of surprise followed by a smile is great. And it's a great way to change how you see others on top of giving a random stranger a good feeling that day.

    You'd be surprised at how fast that can become a habit and how it leads to doing more than just compliment people.

    Also try a random "pay it behind you!' by giving extra in line at a coffee shop or drive-through and telling the person it's to pay for the next customer.
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    Nov. 2, 2001
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    I met a friend to do some 'business' a day before her birthday.

    it had been long coming, but her son-to-be-ex had chosen this morning to giver her his terms of divorce.
    Before that he had let the bills laps, friend had no reliable phone, no more internet access, etc, among the long list of other stuff this 'gentleman' had been to lazy to do or to cheap to pay for (we are talking things normal people take for granted, like a range and an oven, washing machine at least, if not also a dryer!)

    A friend had bought her a cellphone and she had been rationing her few minutes (she had been out of work for several month, now only has a part time job).
    So I gave her a 'birthday card': Airtime for her phone. You have to have a point of contact when you go job hunting!

    My husband insisted on supplying a friend with a couple of loads of firewood when the gentleman was out with a bum knee and unable to chop his own wood.
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    May. 11, 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by charismaryllis View Post
    i dunno, does helping the harpist at a recent concert i went to wrangle her harp out of the building into her car (in the sleet) count? (full disclosure: i tried to send my brother to help her but he disappeared into the men's room. wimp. ) i was kind of surprised no one organizing the concert had arranged an extra pair of hands for her. i didn't think it was a biggie but she seemed appreciative.
    Yes, it does! Any help to anyone counts in my book.

    I see many people being kind to others but it never gets old hearing these stories.

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    Aug. 15, 2009
    Knoxville, TN


    In 2006, at age 39, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We had lame insurance, with a high deductible. When he went to his weekly card game, shortly after his diagnosis, his friends gave him a little tackle box, for when he was feeling better. Inside were lures and hooks, and $3500 in cash - the amount we owed on his deductible. While the money was nice, knowing that his guy friends, not the types to talk about feelings, cared that much really made things easier on my husband.

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    Crestview, Fl


    Last year, about this time I was having a mini pity party and posted on here about what was going on. My husband was deployed and my son had broken his leg pretty severely, we were stuck at home and I was depressed about Christmas, not feeling it at all. A COTHER reached out to me and went out of her way to make sure we were feeling the Christmas spirit. She sent both me and my son really lovely heartfelt things. It wasn't at all necessarry but it was very much appreciated and it made me see there are good people in the world. My husband and I try to regularly pay it forward with small things, for our aniversarry we were going to go to a fancy, expensive place for dinner, instead we decided to go to a local place that was more us. We got the check and decided that we didn't spend enough for our aniversarry and decided to leave our waitress what we would have spent at the fancier place. That night she got $100 tip. Pay it forward and you will have a more enriched life, I had never seeb gratitude like our server showed us that night.

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    Eleven years ago my mom died while she and dad were in France. (They spent several weeks there in the winter) At the time I lived in PA & my sister was in Seattle, we planned to each fly to NY and then fly together to Nice. My sister's flight was delayed, and I knew she'd be upset to be left behind and it was one more stress on top of a tragic and surreal time.

    I checked with the gate attendant and they said her flight was about 5 min out, and I explained what was going on. We boarded, and I also talked to the cabin attendant. I was probably not very coherent, either.

    I will forever be grateful to Southwest Airlines for holding the plane for my sister. We departed 15 or 20 min late, they literally pushed back from the gate as she was getting settled in her seat. They also kept us in red wine for the trip

    I was really so incredibly grateful, they absolutely would have been w/in their rights to leave w/out her.

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    Pottstown, PA (East Coventry)


    A friend ours is struggling financially. She is working full time but only as a waitress at a diner. She has a 6 year old child and a restraining order against the ex-DH. She has little to no support from her mother.
    Last month her electric got turned off. She called my DH to see if we had a kerosene heater to borrow since the electric was off and she had no heat. DH paid her electric. It then was going to take 24-72 hours to turn back on. She and her son spent the night at our house.

    She applied for assistance with fixing up her house with a local church based organization, Good Works. They are coming once a month to repair her kitchen, replace a few old doors/windows and repair the main bathroom. DH and I found out about the first work day in November after the fact. We were able to join the one this past Sat.
    DH made arrangements with the group that we would do some prep work between their monthly work days that will help stage things for the next work day.

    In a small world kinda thing DH and I are out the group's warehouse for the orientation Sat morning. The organization has a few houses they are currently working on. One of the other volunteers comes up to me and asks if I am a horse person. I recognized her from some local combined training events. So another horse person was giving back. She was working on one of the other houses.
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    I had a few too many cupcakes for my daughter's birthday the other day. I gave one to a homeless guy and got the best smile in return. Apparently he really likes chocolate. Tiny thing for me, but thoughts of his smile have cheered me up all week.

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    Look around and you will see need when it is what you search for. My church members rallied together and in ONE NIGHT we packaged 34,000 meals for End Hunger Now. Call your Salvation army and ask to help serve a meal or two. It is amazing how humble you will feel when you are the waitress for an elderly homeless man. Wow. Angel Trees are sometimes in drugstores - pick a kid and fill their Christmas list. Call the local shelter(dog or human) and ask what they need most. Need is everywhere. It feels good to help even in a small way.
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    You know, I do what I do for me, not to toot my own horn. I'd really rather you ask what we know that others have done, just out of the goodness of their hearts and for no other reason.

    My vet and my vet's wife are amazing. She's bottle feeding 3 very young kittens right now (at home, all night). They were dumped in the trash in a trash bag and a sanitation worker heard them and brought them in. They both work tirelessly to rehome and arrange adoptions for needy animals.
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    It's been almost a year since my house burned to the ground, taking with it everything I own and all of our canine family.

    The support of the local AND online communities I'm part of are what got us through. I don't know what would have happened if all those people hadn't stepped up and let me know they were there for me.
    ~ The Goat Whisperer

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    couple of weeks ago someone posted on FB looking for someone who made quilts, and I was tagged by a friend..... this person had adopted a family for Christmas-- single mother with two kids, and expecting triplets the week after Christmas.

    I posted on my page looking for some clothing or what have you. that one post turned into a truckload of STUFF! the quilts of course, cribs, high chairs, a handmade HUGE basinet large enough for all three babies, pak n plays, car seats, many other items and bags and bags of clothing :-)

    that delivery has been made, but offers are still coming in, and I currently have about 10 pks of diapers, three or four more bags of clothing, and after the holidays I'll go collecting again, I expect to gather another full truckload.

    from one post--- how cool is that??

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