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    Jun. 28, 2012

    Default burnt pine sawdust love Love LOVE it!!!

    I got this awesome sawdust from the cabinet company that supplies me with sawdust nearly every week. This company rocks! They usually only work with pine and if they use cedar or cherry, it gets separated for one of the employees hunting dogs.
    Well, occasionally I get this black brown dust mixed in. I was concerned when i first started with them but they told me its called burnt pine. They actually burn it until its black and makes a beautiful deep finish. The other day I got a huge truckload of this stuff and let me tell you, this is by far the best bedding I have ever used!
    First the aroma is WONDERFUL! Pine already smells great but this stuff has a pine smell 10 x's that of regular pine. I love walking in and smelling it.
    This stuff absorbs so much more because its so dehydrated. And it kinda clumps like kitty litter because its so dry. Even my piggiest pig gelding has a nice dry stall and he usually floods his by either playing in his water bucket or peeing each time he thinks he is going out.
    The only drawback is that this stuff is black so it looks like dirt but since I have dirt floor stalls, I dont mind . It does get a little dustier but I usually water my sawdust down anyway so a few extra sprinkles isn't a big deal.
    I wish they sold this stuff on the market. It is awesome. Makes me not want to use regular pine dust lol
    If you ever get a chance to use burnt pine sawdust jump at the chance. You will love it!

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    Jul. 14, 2000


    Extremely jealous!!!

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