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    Default truck/trailer options -- helps me decide!

    This will be cross posted, as I want as much feedback as possible...

    I am debating whether to do a 2 horse BP with half ton truck, and set it up to camp in the tack room (I have access to some dirt cheap labour/parts to do the welding/modifications, etc), OR get a 2 horse gooseneck and a 3/4 ton truck. The BP would suit my current needs.

    I hate pitching a tent on top of the regular work involved with events, but BF loves to come with me, so when he's around, he handles all the camping stuff. I could camp in the BP by myself, and do traditional camping when he's around and there's no room for a second person in the BP tack room.

    On the other hand, we're hoping to relocate somewhere further out, more remote. BF wants to ride more and get his own horse when that happens, and has expressed an interest in eventing and doing endurance/camping rides with me when that happens. Also, once we relocate, all events will be "away events", rather than local like many of them are now. A 3/4 ton truck gives us more options in the future (slightly bigger trailer, boat, camper, etc). The gooseneck seems to be more convenient for camping, having everything set up, without being that much bigger. The downside is that it's a few more thousand out of pocket, plus the slightly bigger (read: more expensive) truck now.

    I can do a BP for $5k easily, but a GN would probably be closer to $10k. The trucks would have a few thousand difference as well (we'd be buying used for sure.. our 2nd vehicle/truck wouldn't get many miles). I hate to do the BP and smaller truck and lose money to trade up, or wish that I'd just "done it right" the first time. I could also do a 3/4 ton truck and a BP, but then it seems silly to not get the right trailer based on a couple grand.

    The only reason I don't want to spend more cash is that if we get this relocation, I'd prefer to have more savings to help us buy the dream farm. This relocation could happen as early as spring, but it could also be another year or two.

    Pros/con of each option?

    (FYI, I currently event and will continue upon relocation, but having my own rig will open up limited distance endurance and camping trips)...

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    We were in the same situation. Horses boarded, home in subdivision.

    Get the GN. The sleeping and camping features are worth it. We started with an old 2 H GN and an old 3/4 T truck. Had about $8 k in the whole rig. Spent many happy nights and miles in that set-up.

    AND most important reason... Safety. The GN is much more stable towing. The "dream" farm will require the load capability of a 3/4 T truck. Hay, bags of cement, lumber for fence, etc are better handled by a heavier truck.

    Now, We have the horses at home on the farm. Got an even bigger truck than the old 3/4 T.

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    If you go smaller now, you will end up going bigger later. Save a step.

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    Get the larger truck and trailer. Plus, I prefer pulling a GN over a bumper pull for control reasons and the GN gives the horses a nicer ride because of where the hitch is. Since you event you probably haul out longer distances than someone doing day shows or trail rides so your horses would benefit from the GN.

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    As another option, I've slept across the back seat of my extended cab truck. At 5'9" it was a bit of a squeeze but I was tired enough that I slept well.

    Another option is getting a high cap back and sleeping in that. I set up a cot in mine with a thick foam pad, a down comforter and a sleeping bag and slept like a baby with room for storing my clothes, camp stove, cooler, etc.

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    I agree that the GN is the better option for safety reasons and you can always put a matress up in GN over the truck. I wouldn't buy anything less than a 3/4 ton truck for hauling horses. Having the 3/4 ton truck gives you the flexibility of upgrading the trailer in the future without having to upgrade the truck.

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