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    Default Babies walking through electric...

    I have my yearling, weanling, and 2 yr old all living together in a paddock that is fenced with electric tape, they have all respected it up until now. It is working just fine (I even tested it myself.. ouch).. So at first I thought.. My 2 yr old has a blanket with neck cover and is small enough to walk under the top wire so maybe he is just not getting zapped.. so I took the blanket off and held a bucket of grain on the opposite side of the fence from him (horrible I know) and he leaned over and did nothing ... and he stood there for several minutes.. I eventually got it to shock him, but now I am wondering if he just has so much fuzz its not shocking him! My weanling is just following his big brothers horrid example.. and then there is my yearling filly who is just the saint of the bunch and keeps her butt in the paddock. Any ideas? I'll be getting them a new round bale this weekend which hopefully will help...
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    Stronger charger? Maybe your ground rod isn't in wet enough earth? If it's frozen it might not have enough moisture in the ground.... I don't really know, certainly no expert. I bought the Horse Guard Bi Polar Fence, so I didn't have to worry about the whole grounding issue...good luck

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    Yes, fuzz does insulate from the electric wire. So does a horse blanket. Getting young stock "schooled" to the wire is the trick. Get that done before the fuzz happens, and before the horse blanket goes on.

    The electric fence is a psychological barrier, not a physical one. Once they are schooled to it, aware of what happens next when they get too close to it, they are usually "good for life". Unless they are one that will dive under it, taking the shock if it comes, to escape. There are a few of those around.

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    I'm afraid that's why the electrobraid people recommend four strands good and tight, it takes them longer to slip through so they're more likely to get the zap.

    We keep the adult pigs in electric and they are fine with it - but not the little guys, they slip under, run through, you name it. Pig panels only for them. Our horses are adults and will stay inside even with the power off.
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    My pony is terrible about electric fences. The only thing that keeps her in is a 4-strand TIGHT fence zapping at 5000v or higher. The 4 strand makes it harder for her to get through without getting a good zap. She's our tattle tale. The second the fence shorts out she's off wandering around. At 5000V and 4 strands she stays put. I even redid the wiring at the barn I board at at my expense as they had 2 strand and she stayed in for all of 5 minutes! LOL
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    Agree with the above. My mare used to destroy hot wire, partly due to the thickness of her coat. Def bump up the volts, make sure the grounding is adequate, make sure none of the wires are grounding out and breaking the circuit and add more TIGHT wires. Agreed that 4 works well.

    Good luck!

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    Oh don't even get me started about this... Last Monday SO came home to Mr. 2 y.o. in the garden, two sections of fence out, and a vinyl post SHATTERED. Like... Absolutely destroyed. Thank gawd we have a perimeter fence!

    Went out the next day and bought a new, STRONG charger. Lemme tell you, he got a BIG surprise and I don't think he'll be doing that again. I re-strung every inch of my fencing and messed with my old charger for a full week last summer... Clearly that did a lot of good. Do some trouble shooting but if you have any question on the charger, just replace it.

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