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    Default Insight: Selling with a set of xrays already shot?

    So it occurs to me one of the biggest expenses when buying is in fact the set of xrays you take to know all you can about a potential horse.

    So is it an attractive addition if a seller has a full baseline set of xrays to go with the sale horse? Or would it not really matter as you'll do your own anyway?


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    It is definitely convenient. I recently sold a horse who had previously clean x-rays taken. While the buyer would have had the x-rays done herself, she definitely appreciated not having to pay the extra costs of having to take rads.

    I was told a few weeks ago from a trainer that they would not take on a sale horse unless owner had a full set of x-rays taken before. It's definitely a cost to owners, but you can be sure that your horse will pass and save both your and potential buyer's time knowing he will be fine.

    When I look for a horse I am not un-persuaded from a horse because he doesn't have them, but I may appreciate the owner if she has recent rads.

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    I always appreciate them and if I had two otherwise equal horses to go see and only one had recent x-rays I would definitely head towards the x-rayed one before the non x-rayed one. I always leave my horses medical records open to anyone interested in purchasing and have full written copies at the barn for potential buyers to browse. If I have x-rays or any diagnostics I would have those available as well. If I was selling a horse for more than $15,000 I would have a basic set of x-rays taken prior to putting said horse up for sale and offer them to the prospective buyers. I've always been one to keep a completely honest dialogue about my horses' medical history and if I could afford to, or the horse's selling price was higher, I would have basic x-rays taken on any sale horse. It wouldn't change my mind to see the horse but as said above, I would very much appreciate that seller and be more likely to trust them if they are open with me
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    My horse had a full set of X-rays and it was definitely appreciated. In addition to being great to have and saving money it also made the pre purchase much more convenient.

    I had pre purchased a few horses before my guy and his breeder was the only one that had a set of rads available. It definitely set their facility and horses apart. In the future I hope to be able to do the same if I ever have to sell him- or any other horse for that matter.
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    i can offer you my recent experience -- selling a 10 year old horse who was actively doing several jobs (among them, competitive at 2nd level dressage and first flight fox hunting) for 5 figures.
    I didn't do a set before putting him on the market, but his first serious buyer did, and then released them to me (her vet thought he had navicular...track vet, looking at films from a 10 year old draft/wb/tb cross. My vet, an FEI/Olympic vet, looked at the same films and said "totally normal for a horse of his breeding, and unchanged from your PPE 5 years ago").

    Once I had those films I made them available to future buyers, and it was much appreciated. It was, however, fascinating to track what happened. Counting that first vet who thought he had navicular, I had 1 "no/navicular," 1 "no/hock chip" (FEI vet said "it's shrinking, cannot possibly impact the joint, didn't even make your PPE report 5 years ago, and horse flexes 0 on the joint"), and 2 "horse looks great" (sales fell through for other, whacky, reasons).

    Purchase in the end by a buyer who did her own films. Horse is happy and sound in new job 17 months later.

    So moral of the story is, yes, it will save you time in terms of blown purchases, and win you brownie points from buyers. Don't attempt to interpret them or get hung up on what you think they show -- that is a crap shoot on the other end. And don't expect that all buyers will be satisfied with your films. Their money.
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