A few weeks ago (Nov. 18) I went onto the WA State Obamacare site to see what I would be paying if I were uninsured. You have to fill out all the info before getting rates ( mine were in the amazingly high rate with an unaffordable deductible for most of the population, no subsidy). I do have insurance so I used a fake employer name.

I check my credit report fairly frequently and noticed an inquiry by CMS Proofing, also noticed that my employer was listed as the fake one. They did the inquiry on Nov. 23, 5 days after I went on the site. I am hearing this is common right after you sign up or look into Obamacare, no matter what state. I did not sign up only looked so any inquiries of a false nature end up on various credit reports.

I am debating correcting the error on Experian and guess I am not surprised they are quick to jump into a money making activity like credit reporting.