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    Default Favorite show memories

    As the end of the 2013 season comes to a close, I'm looking back on some great and funny show memories from this year. One of my favorites that comes to mind is Galway Downs in May. They always have stadium on the grass so almost everyone uses studs. I was putting hind studs in on my gelding and out of nowhere, I got a fresh pile of steaming manure all over my shoulder, arm and leg. He gave no warning, no shift in weight, no fidgeting just a big pile of poo. Thanks bud. Looking back now, I can't help but laugh.

    What are some of your favorite moments from this year?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eventing Strong View Post
    As the end of the 2013 season comes to a close, I'm looking back on some great and funny show memories from this year. One of my favorites that comes to mind is Galway Downs in May. They always have stadium on the grass so almost everyone uses studs. I was putting hind studs in on my gelding and out of nowhere, I got a fresh pile of steaming manure all over my shoulder, arm and leg. He gave no warning, no shift in weight, no fidgeting just a big pile of poo. Thanks bud. Looking back now, I can't help but laugh.

    What are some of your favorite moments from this year?
    HA! That show was our first Training, and my lord the stadium was UGLY. But the XC was a blast!!

    I think my favorite from this season was going to Coconino. It was my first "away" event, and despite an ugly schooling stadium round, we got our sh!t together and the lightbulb came on. Dressage was good, and had I not gotten us lost three times on XC we would have been top 3 or 4. But that XC round was the best EVER because it felt like we finally found our rhythm.

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    I didn't do any shows or events this year so my favorite moments were a couple light bulb moments where I finally "learned" to ride my horse (that I've had for 9 years).

    One moment was my first time jumping 3'6". We tried it three times at the end of my typical 2'6-2'9" jump session and only did it with the encouragement of a barn friend. The first time was terrible. The second time was a bit better. The third time I finally got my head out of my ass, rode my horse, developed a good canter, and it felt amazing being in sync.

    Another moment was during a XC schooling session. Towards the end we schooled some training level questions and bigger jumps that my horse doesn't care about but intimidate me (corner, large table). I rode terrible and we chipped into every jump. I was about to quit but my friend encouraged me to go more forward (duh!), and once I rode my horse more forward the jumps just flowed. It felt amazing flying over the giant table and really helped my confidence.

    Hopefully next year I can come back and post some good show memories!

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    After a really bad year in 2012, where Toby and I could not get our asses in gear at prelim, jumping around our first attempt this year was awesome. Made even more awesome that it rode amazingly well. Made all the bad goes melt away.

    Jumping the ditch and wall at Surefire, which legitimately TERRIFIED me. There are fences that make me nervous and some that make me question my technical skill on course walks, but this thing just plain old SCARED me. But we jumped it, and well!

    Millbrook. ALL of it. The whole thing was so much fun. DC and I dubbed it our "campecation" (a vacation while we camp out and compete). The riding was awesome (best xc round of my LIFE! AND my first clear prelim show jumping round at a recognized event....after riding three different horses at that level!). Lots of funny things in stabling like the list we started of "Things Toby Destroyed." The two worst/funniest being the sacred container of gummy bears (we were able to preserve the gummy bears!) and my "indestructible" iPhone case. It may be life proof, but it isn't Toby proof). It was a practically perfect weekend.

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    May. 24, 2011


    I also did not show this year. I made the decision(after extensive vet work, and seven months off) to retire my mare to pasture ornament status. I wasn't planning on a third horse for a long while, but you know how it goes. When you stop looking good horses appear out of the woodwork. That's when I found Fox.

    Our best moment to date was last weekend when DH and I trailered over to the local park that has an equestrian area and trails. We conquered ditches, scary wooden bridges, a slew of log jumps and we cantered together for the first time since I've had him. It was just all in all a perfect day.
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    Aug. 18, 2013
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    Flying over the last fence at MCTA from an absurd long spot and realizing that my 21 year old had just finished her first event. It was only her second time on an XC course in her life (hard to school when you are a) at a HJ barn b) don't have a trailer). We might have finished on a 73...but I know many people who don't manage a numerical score at their first event.

    Schooling the trakhaner at Loch Moy that caused me to fall off at our first Novice. Trakahner of doom= conquered! Next step is learning to correctly spell this variety of jump.

    And last, completing (without flying off) a Novice at CDCTA. That course is pretty simple, but maxed out height wise, and I honestly thought both brush jumps, and the produce stand, and the green ramp, and the wagon (so most of the course) were going to be the death of me. They weren't, and we finished on our dressage score. Can't wait to see what Izzy achieves when she's 22!

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    No true XC shows (we're starting in the spring!)

    But my two top memories were taking him out for the first time ever at a Poker Pace and he locked onto the tiniest coop I've ever seen and cleared it with ease and came right back to me after. I was so proud of him!

    The other was his fun show at my trainer's (we trailer in) and despite being terrified of the little ones at the gate (the one kept saying "hi" whenver we passed), he managed through it to jump 2'9 (Our highest yet!). Was very proud of him that whole day between the kids, the train going by and all the new games.
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    Mine has to be my horse's first official mini-trial a few weeks ago. I got him a year ago and he had never evented a day in his life. He's my first horse and 2 weeks after I got him he was playing a bit too hard in his field and suffered a pretty good tendon injury in his hock. So we've been sidelined a year- to say it was rough is an understatement. We just started with dressage in earnest like 3 months ago and he went and scored well at a dressage schooling test, but he could not handle the overall environment and was very tense. Took him off the farm to another schooling show and the same thing- tense with questionable steering and intermittently operational brakes.

    Then he goes to the mini-trial and it's like he grew up and realized what his job is and he LOVES it! He stepped off the trailer game ready, not tense or anything....And he won his division finishing on a great dressage score 10 points between him and and second. There were definitely ninjas cutting onions all over the place that day. Not too shabby for a fat little draft cross whose career as an eventer was almost over before it started. I'm so proud of him for everything he went through and how far he's come.

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    Default horse had his own Rolex moment

    I'm going to tell one on my daughter. It happened last yr at her first HT at the KHP, Jump Start. Her sj division was early Sunday morning. She had her horse out hand grazing before tacking up. She was looking at her phone (folks!) and he stepped on his leadline, threw his head up, broke the halter crown and TOOK OFF.

    So there he is out there on the xc fields, free as a bird, having his very own Rolex moment!! and she's running after him broken halter in hand. He's flying across the steeplechase field and then turns and runs and disappears down one of the roads on the north end of the park going full tilt.

    I get a panicked phone call, she's out of breath. All I can discern is Junior's loose and gone and she's in tears b/c her ride is in about 45 min. I have no clue where. I go back to the stall and get a bridle and a helmet - then I go to the office and no one will come help me with a golf cart to go find her or the horse. Nada zippo help. Lady says everyone is busy and will not call anyone for help. So I start walking.

    Meanwhile DD is headed back down that lane. A lady leaving a property back there sees her and offers to help. So she drives her back on the road looking for our horse. They end up finding him at the Donovan Stud back there. A guy was out doing am feeds on a gator and had a bucket of food to catch him. So she gets the broken halter back on him using the very last hole that was left on the crown, gets on him bareback and gallops back to the park.

    We were just so grateful that he didn't run back to the barn b/c it was the show where the day before a xc rider had a RF and her horse ran back to the barns and he slid and fell and did a monstrous slide on the asphalt, taking out the saddle and some hide.

    DD gets back just in time to tack up and make her sj ride. Needless to say he didn't need any warm-up, he went in and jumped a double clear and came out looking for more, so we're thinking we've got a good 3 day horse!
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    Today!!! I started my home bred, home trained 6 year old mare in her first 3'6" HT (not sure what that is for you guys). She had a very light season last year - drought and very hard ground so I opted not to jump her much. Through winter I've done a bit of SJ training. For some reason SJ winds me up and I really struggle - so I tend to limit what I do depending on the SJ height. I'm quite happy doing 1* and 2* XC, but the thought of SJ 3'6" has me stressing for days. It became clear however that this mare jumps much better over bigger courses: she's calmer, jumps in better style and is easier to control.

    So, I bit the bullet and bumped her up to the higher division today. She rocks! Dressage was okay - 63%, XC was very nappy - because the jump judges were scary, but once she saw the jumps she was away. Time faults only. And I had a rail in the SJ - because I was picking at her. But she felt great SJ. Forward, powerful, controllable and sensible.

    Now I need to find another one to go to!!

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    I had a great first year of eventing, and my saint of a horse carted me around to a number of ribbons, and we moved up to entry from pre-entry and did well there too. We even got some bling at the year end banquet

    But my favourite part of the whole season was our first (unrecognized) event, where we trotted the entire XC for 70+ time penalties. I was so proud that despite being scared out of my mind, we went and did it, and he handled the whole thing like an old pro (his first year eventing and showing, though he's 11). He just plodded the whole course, even after being passed. We also got 7 time on stadium We finished with 162.7 as the last finishers to finish on the number instead of letter.

    Second to this, was at each event inching closer and closer to making time, and cantering more of each course, until we finally made time and cantered the whole thing. I was so excited to finish on our dressage score.

    This little horse has been so much fun for me and our debut into eventer-land!

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