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    Default Private Well, Property Tax?

    Anyone have any idea how a private well vs public water affects property tax values? If at all? I went to Town Hall today to pull the new assessments and noticed that one of our parcels is listed as having public water when it is actually on a private well. There is no water bill, of course, but I'm not sure how the source of water would affect tax assessment. Maybe it doesn't? Any value derived from being on public water is reflected in the water bill?

    I'm really into details being correct (accounting/tax background), but don't want to shoot myself in the foot by asking for corrections that will cost me more tax dollars .

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    Since "value" is a highly subjective number (no matter how much math an appraiser uses to come up with the number) the answer would be be, "whatever is most desireable to a buyer." The second asnwer would be, "whatever permits the local government to bring in the highest number of tax dollars."

    (I note that your address is in the People's Republic of Taxachusetts. That might invert the order of my answers. ).

    Since there really is no "hard and fast answer" I'd let this sleeping dog lie.

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    Call your Town Hall from a phone you can't be linked to (or set on private number!), ask your question, don't mention your name and hang up quickly!

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    I would really check out the disparity because it may effect other things.

    In my dealings I have run across a few oddities

    1) A commercial building whose builder tapped the neighboring building's water source...they had built both properties. This was only discovered by accident when a trench was cut to install a remote electrical supply; the trencher hit a water line where there should not have been any. They had stolen water for over thirty years, but mainly had gotten away without paying connection fee.

    2) Neighbor's house had been paying for sewer service for over thirty years as they have a city water. The city calculates the sewer charges by water used. After a problem with what was initially thought of as a clasped sewer line turned out to be a failed septic system...the house had never been tied onto the sewer lines. City had to refund of the collected sewer charges and back date the connection fee cost.

    3) Apartments where the electric meters centrally located and numbered for the unit ...have seen meters actually connected to units other than numbered.... I have seen this so often that I strongly suggest to any one moving into an apartment find the primary disconnect for their unit, shut down the unit's power then look at "their" meter to make sure it does shut off

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    I in the camp that would most definitely question the town. When I bought my place 23 yrs ago, the assessment listed my home as having a fireplace, which it did not and as being 100% complete. I not only questioned it, but invited the assessor to come and see for himself. He not only corrected the fireplace listing but also listed the home as 80% complete as there were several rooms in the lower level (raised ranch) with no ceilings. Actually only 2 rooms (bedroom and bath) and a hall had dropped ceilings. The rest showed the studs.

    I do know in this area if you have access to the public water, even though you haven't hooked up to it, you will be taxed for it. Don't know if that's true for everywhere but I rather imagine it is.

    Good luck.

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