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    Quote Originally Posted by WildandWickedWarmbloods View Post
    Ladybugs are wonderful bugs. They are probably looking for a warm, secure place t o spend the winter.

    And they are supposed to be good luck. Don't kill them!
    There are many different species of Lady Bugs. Unfortunately, the ones we are being bombarded with, are the orange ones that thankfully can only lightly pinch when they bite.

    Annnd they let off a stink bomb that is pretty annoying.

    The outside of my house was wallpapered with them, until this storm came thru on Thursday. I can only hope it blew them over the Cumberland Plateau.

    They had covered the sliding glass door to the point my dogs refused to go outside in the afternoon.

    They kept the horse water polluted, I couldn't skim them out fast enough. The news guy also said they can leave stains on things.

    I have several hundred in the house, who will be transplanted to the vacuum cleaner just as soon as I find the hose attachment.

    I have been here ten years and have never seen this many. The Old Timers around here, claim this means a hard winter.

    "Hard winter" is by whose definition and does that include a lot of snow or just a lot of freezing cold?

    At any rate:

    1. We have more Lady Bugs this Fall than we ever have.

    2. I've only seen one true Wooly Bear and the black stripe on his back was absolutely solid from tip-to-tip. It wasn't a deep black but rather a "very dark bay, almost black. Nonetheless, I can't ever remember seeing a solid black stripe on a true Wooly Bear.

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    I was reading that you should put a pantyhose in the vacuum so that you vacuum them into the pantyhose. This way you can immediately throw the panty hose away and not leave them to stink up the vacuum. I am guessing knee high pantyhose.
    Oh, well, clearly you're not thoroughly indoctrinated to COTH yet, because finger pointing and drawing conclusions are the cornerstones of this great online community. (Tidy Rabbit)

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    So far, I have not had many "ladybugs" or their lookalikes in my house. GOOD.
    However, this summer/fall has been TERRIBLE for fruitflies in the house!
    If it's not something, it's something else. *sigh*

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    Default Yes ~ and they smell and bite ~ not my idea of fun ~ ZILLIONS !!!!

    Yes !!!! ZILLIONS !!!!!

    And the little' stinkers' BITE !
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ! "

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