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    Default Irritation from Sore No More Gelotion??

    A few weeks ago my gelding had some swelling in his front legs and I applied Sore No More Gelotion and wrapped him. (No lameness, but I did have the vet come out and she found nothing wrong with him.)

    Well, the swelling went away in a week or less, but he developed some crud on the backs of his legs, right over the tendon/ligament. I picked it at and realized it was scabbed and picking caused it to bleed a little bit, so I left it alone.

    The ONLY thing that I did was use Sore No More and wraps. Has anyone heard of Sore No More causing this sort of irritation? The scabs are still there.
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    I've used Sore No More on myself (after a hard fall) with no irritation on my skin at all.

    My horse came down with an awful case of rain rot down the backs of his hind legs practically overnight a couple of weeks ago. Several people at the barn are dealing with rain rot and scratches this year. These are all horses in good health which are groomed almost daily. This seems to have cropped up pretty much overnight.

    Could the timing just be coincidence?

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    I have had horses have a bad reaction to the Gel. I only use the liniment.
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    Jan. 15, 2013


    No issues from the gel here, but I have never wrapped over it. I've also used the spray with no issues.

    It does seem plausible that a horse could react to one of te ingredients, or that an infection developed (heat+moisture such as under wraps is a perfect breeding ground for fungus and bacteria).

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    Massage therapist used it on Finnegan's back. He scurffed pretty badly. He was clipped and it was under a blanket. She has used it for years for other horses under blankets etc... and never had a problem.
    But Finn is prone to those funky skin issues. He is a grey and white pinto. He gets cannon crud and forehead crud pretty easily too. Always on the pink skin.
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    I used Sore No More years ago on my horse's back, then put his shoulder guard and blanket on, thinking nothing of it because it was safe to WRAP over, for god's sakes.

    Next day I took off his clothes and the SNM totally blistered his skin right off, under the 3" wide elastic for his shoulder guard. He was dark bay and the fur grew back in white, where it grew in at all. This horse was NOT known for being sensitive or delicate to any other products and in the 13 years I have known him, has never reacted to anything else similarly.

    Reactions can happen to anything, depends on the individual and the product.

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    I have used the gelotion many times on my sensitive TB but would never wrap over it.

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    Aug. 31, 2008
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    I've used SNM gel and spray on my horses back and legs, blanked but never wrapped over it, and I've never had an issue.
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    Apr. 14, 2008


    The thing is, you have to fully wash the gelotion off after application. It's astringent, so use it minimally and then the day after use mild soap and rinse. You shouldn't have issues that way.

    I love SNM products but I have noticed that you can't really leave the "residue" on. My late gelding was very hardy (skin wise, was a flower in every other retrospect) and I used to curry in the gel on his back after rides. He loved it but again, you have to wash/rinse it off the day after or it can be an irritant.

    Fwiw I'm not too far from you, my gelding has a lot of scurf. I think the weather fluctuation doesn't help.

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