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    Exclamation Search defaults not working in simple search

    With the old software, when I used the "Simple Search" (e.g., the dropdown search up on the top bar), it'd use the search preferences I set in the Advanced search to refine my results. For example, I had my advanced settings to show the most recent posts (not threads), so when I used the simple search feature, it'd return my results as posts sorted by date.

    I had it set that way because there wasn't a boolean "AND" option on the advanced search function, and the only way you could get results using all keywords was to use the simple search.

    That being said, we've asked before for the advanced search function to allow for searching all words or a specific phrase to no avail... and now the old workaround only shows threads instead of individual posts. Not exactly helpful.
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    Search has been borked for a long time and probably won't be fixed anytime soon, if ever. The upgrades and migrations messed it up, which is often the case when you are dealing with 10+ years of thousands of threads in the database. Google is your best bet for finding something specific.
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    Our new tech team has been working on cleaning up some patches and other things on different portions of the site that perhaps weren't done optimally in the past.

    We're building up a wish list of past/current things to work on in the forums, and improved search is definitely on it.

    I've actually always just used advanced search (or Google!). Have other users noticed a recent change in how the plain drop-down search feature has been working recently?

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