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    Question Bone Chip Rehab - Time, Recovery, Any other info

    What was your experience in rehabbing a bone chip? How long before your horse was able to be back in full work, including jumping?

    What about time until I could transport a horse like this?

    I can't seem to find any info about this part of the rehab.. just that they were back to jumping and were fine after... I need info on the in between!

    My horse just got chips out of his fetlock, and is currently allowed to hand walk. (Although this has been limited as it keeps raining and he gets a little too excited, haha)

    I will be calling my vet about it soon, just wanted to see other experiences!


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    One of my horses had a chip removed from his stifle - if I recall, 90 days before full turnout and back to work - it was a full 30 days stall rest with hand walking, then 30 days could go in a small run, then 30 day small (round pen size) turnout, enough room to move but not able to pick up a gallop.

    With my guy, he was approved back into light work in December, so I just turned him out for the winter. Started him back to work in March - walking under tack for month building the length of time, then slowly building back in trot and canter. We went back to jumping in May...

    I think if you go back to work after 90 days, your routine to get him back to where he was won't take as long.

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