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i've known one trainer who had two horses had to be PTS after cross-tie incidents in which both horses cartwheeled over and had catastrophic injuries resulting. is she abusive and should her training license be revoked? no.

horses when tied can and will panic, regardless of the handler. my point is in a lot of reining cultures, a tie-down is the norm for training. certainly not ALL reining trainers endorse or use this aide, but it is still very common and prevalent and, to be fair, i am not surprised to hear of resulting deaths.

tragic and unavoidable yes, but the point is this isn't the only trainer in reining who believes in such training methods.
Geez...MAYBE it's time to ban such abusive and dangerous training methods... greed is such an ugly thing! and not taking the time by using short cut and abusive measures is cruelty. Wonder how many other horses 'just die' due to training issues. I know someone who lost a colt due to stupid training method judgment which became a 'freak accident'. They tried to say the horse had neurological problems!! - yeh...AFTER the accident!! he was euth'd. BEAUTIFUL 2 yo - such a waste.

Horses are PREY animals and react to constraint and fear...duh!

A properly trained reining horse is a pleasure to watch...