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    Default Bringing a young dog into a house with an old dog

    So, I did a dumb thing yesterday..... . I went to the SPCA to make a donation and thought I'd just swing through to have a peek at the dogs... famous last words . An extremely sweet, gentle young adult female (BC/labX?) stole my heart. I was NOT looking for a new dog, but I can't get her sweet face out of my mind. The fly in the ointment? I have a wonderful old BC who is almost 15. He has always enjoyed the company of other dogs, and after a health scare last year (which I wrote about here) has been doing wonderfully well. This little girl seems to be quite mellow and submissive, but it's hard to know if she would stay this way once settled in. Obviously, my first responsibility is to my dear old guy. Am I crazy to think about introducing a new dog into the house at this point? If I took Seamus for a "meet and greet", would I be able to tell if this plan has a chance of success? Do I need my head examined??? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Do not think you are crazy...IMO this could easily work, and I would do the meet and greet. I have a young dog (2+) that I brought in last winter and a 12 yr old. She loves the new guy, is more playful and they have the play thing all figured out. She also tells him when she's tired. GO FOR it, if you haven't already
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    Will your old dog stand up for himself if the young one gets a bit too pushy about playing?

    We got a 12 week old BC mix when our cranky ACD mix was 14. They did fine, the old dog is quite bossy and the younger submissive. The elderly dog gently laid down the law a few times, when the young one tried to jump on her and they were fine after that. There were a few squabbles when the younger (they are both females) got bigger than the old one and started feeling her oats, but nothing serious. I think getting the puppy breathed some new life into the old dog, she was bored, since she was too arthritic to do her previous "jobs"...fetching frisbees, running off the mailman, etc...having a younger dog to boss around gave her a new mission. Old dog is 16 now!

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