I am happy to announce that we have been given a date to hold an Oldenburg GOV Inspection at Marabet Farm in Palm Beach Gardens on Oct 24, 2013. Just an easy 30 minute drive from WEF. Most important is that not only will we be inspecting Broodmares and foals, we will have a Mare Performance Test (MPT) and a Stallion Licensing. BUT we need more mares to sign up. Mares will be shown in hand and under saddle and will go through the jump chute. This is a very prestigious title for any mare to have. It will make them and any foals they might have much more valuable. It is also a really fun day!
The MPT is $100.
Mare inspection/entry into the GOV Mare Books is $150 if they are not already in it.
Foal inspection and registration is $250.
Membership is $100 if you are not already a member.
Please call (561-248-8885) or email (Maggie@MarabetFarm.com) me if you are interested or have any questions.
Thanks, Maggie Fullington
PS: open to the public to watch!