Do the geothermal waterers really work all the time in all weather (I'm in northern Virginia)? We r considering the Bar Bar A brand. A. Friend has had them for 8 yrs and is very happy w them.

Will I regret installing them just inside the paddock fence as opposed to in the middle of the fields? My husband will feed sometime and he is non horse person. Don't want him having to go in the field w horses. Also think it would be easier all around to check the waterers if by the fence so could see when riding, Walking dog, etc.

Will the electric from the hot wire on my fence jump to the waterers and make it hot if the waterers are installed at the fence?

We r interested in making the best choices for us not the best choices in general. We have 3 horses and companion small pony on 36 acres. Paddocks range in size from 1/2 acre to 5 acres. We rotate paddocks every 30 days or so but do not rotate within paddock. Fence is 4 board oak with electric hot wire between top 2 boards. All horses live outside 24/7/365. We do already have electric and water spigots to most paddocks. We do not have young horses and we do not board horses

Thankss for any input