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    Default natural manes

    I recently acquired a horse with a long, thick mane, which is a completely new experience for me. He'll be a dressage horse (maybe some eventing if he decides he wants to jump), and he's a Friesian x so I get away with keeping it and throwing it in a running braid for competitions. Being familiar only with disciplines/breeds that require the hacking off of the mane, I have no idea how to care for this thing. It seems like it gets tangled and really hot on his neck if it's left alone, and like there's more risk for chunks to get torn out. Plus, when he gets started under saddle, it's just going to be annoying and in the way! Right now I have it detangled and thrown into loose, thick braids to get it off his neck and keep it relatively clean, but I worry about him rubbing. Can everyone share their hair care routines for keeping those natural manes long and beautiful?

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    When I had a gelding with a long mane (all the way down his neck) I did the several loose braid thing as well. It worked for him - he never bothered them or rubbed and I'd take them out maybe once a week or so, comb through (using a detangler so I didn't rip hair out) and then braid them back up making different size sections so it wasn't always the same hair bundled back together in the same braid.
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    my mare has a long thick mane. i just spritz it with canter silk and brush. in between canter silk applications i may put some other leave in conditioner in like palmer's hair milk (mostly because it's cheaper than canter silk ). i wash it and condition when i give her a bath.

    it doesn't seem to bother her much in the middle of the summer and offers added protection against insects
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    Braid it in thick loose braids and let it be. Redo every 2 weeks or as needed. Benign neglect is your best friend for long thick manes, assuming you want to keep it that way.
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    My paso mix has a long, beautiful thick mane and tail, down way past his shoulder. I do...nothing. every once in awhile, I put cowboy magic in it and brush it out. I don't worry about pulling hairs or anything like that. He has so much hair, that it's not an issue if I pull some out.

    For long rides, I braid it in thick braids. For shows, he gets a running braid. A little hair gel for the whispies and that's it.

    I do the same thing with his tail, and it's gorgeous, long, full, flowing, and looks like a million bucks. I do bang the tail, but I like that look.

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