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View Poll Results: What vaccines do your horses get?

82. You may not vote on this poll
  • None, I choose not to vaccinate.

    0 0%
  • Rabies

    72 87.80%
  • Tetanus

    77 93.90%

    76 92.68%
  • West Nile Virus

    70 85.37%
  • Potomac Horse Fever

    31 37.80%
  • Flu/Rhino

    65 79.27%
  • Strangles

    18 21.95%
  • Something else (post below)

    9 10.98%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Feb. 8, 2008
    Delaware Valley


    It's a pervasive myth that horses only get Botulism from round bales I think almost everyone who hasn't had experience with Botulism believes it. I started giving the vaccine to my horses when my then-vet had a horse that died from it (and was not getting big bales)

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    Oct. 12, 2007
    Andover, MA


    Mine gets the whole list; I take her a lot of places so she could get exposed to anything, and we've had a couple horses in the area die from EEE or WNV this year.

    My question is: fall shots? Current BO doesn't have them done, though owners can arrange it with their vets. Because of the EEE/WNV this year, I'm considering having at least those ones redone this fall.

    I would never not vaccinate for rabies and tetanus. Both are very low risk and horses who get those diseases have a terrible ending.
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    Jul. 20, 2007
    Rising Sun, MD


    Mine get everything about except for Strangles. They also get Botulism
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    Sep. 8, 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by Discobold View Post
    It's a pervasive myth that horses only get Botulism from round bales I think almost everyone who hasn't had experience with Botulism believes it. I started giving the vaccine to my horses when my then-vet had a horse that died from it (and was not getting big bales)
    Oh, that was my understanding as well... I will look into the botulism vaccine!
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    Mar. 3, 2007
    North-Central IL


    My guy only gets Rabies and Tetanus. He's 19, raced until he was 9, and was at a 'vaccine for all' facility until he was 17. He lives at home and doesn't travel, and there aren't any horses within mosquito flying distance, so I'd rather go minimal. Were I to board again he'd get EEE/WEE/VEE, Potomac, and WNV too.
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    Jul. 15, 2003


    My horse no longer gets Strangles because he was at the barn a number of years ago when stangles when through. Our vet does not give the vaccine if the horse has been exposed, or had it. Also, my gelding turned 19 this year, and the vet recommended discontinuing flu/rhino due to his age, and IIRC he should have adequate immunity, and it is seen more in younger horses.

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    Sep. 16, 2008


    We also do botolism... one of ours got that and it was terrible.
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    Mar. 24, 2004
    Pottstown, PA (East Coventry)


    I do botulism. Friend's mini donkey died from botulism. No round bales. Botulism comes from dead things and things can die in the fields. There are rodents in the grain mills. They die and get mixed in the feed. A friend had deer parts in a small bale. She didn't realize it until she fed part of the bale since she started from the none deer skeleton end.

    I checked off strangles but I would have to check my records since I think BO only required it one year. She had a mare/foal then weanling there that year. I am not sure if anybody at the barn got strangles this year.

    I don't do PHF since I have seen/heard about a high incidence of adverse reactions to the vaccine.
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    Jul. 17, 2009
    south eastern US


    All of the above except Potomac Horse Fever and Strangles.
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    Aug. 21, 2012


    The more I learn about vaccines, the less I want to use them.
    Tetnus when needed, but all others only if I have a reason to after one initial vaccination and booster.
    I can make these decisions because of where I live.

    If I were vaccinating as much as some people seem to be doing, I would be keeping a log to track illness, especially neuorlogic issues.

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    Jun. 8, 2008


    Only tetnus and rhino for me. None of the other diseases exist in my area, well I suppose botulism does, I should look into that.

    One of the bonuses of living on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific. Though the $50 I save in vaccine costs is quickly eaten up (literally) by pony's $40/100# bales of grass hay. Fortunately, Hawaii makes up for the ungodly expensive cost of feeding a horse in many other ways.

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    Oct. 7, 2010


    Yes to flu, no to any more rhino unless I breed a mare.

    I've never done rhino before (except with pregnant mares) and had reactions from 4 of 6 horses, ranging from owie/can't bend neck to dead lame/can't pick head up.

    I have lots of tetanus single boosters in my fridge, I'm too far to run to town and I will give a tetanus booster if a horse gets a wound that's any more than a little scrape.

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