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    Someone who saw me taking Nikki for her twice-weekly gallop said it was so nice that a recently off-track TB could get to run around "like she's used to."

    She's 17. She hasn't been on the track for a long time

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    Quote Originally Posted by supershorty628 View Post
    She's 17. She hasn't been on the track for a long time
    When I un-retired my now-24yo mare at age 20 (she hated retirement!) and took her to a schooling dressage show for fun, the judge went on and on about how much potential she had and offered many pointers for moving up the levels that would have been enormously helpful 10 years earlier. Made me smile. The old lady's as good once as she ever was.
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    -Albert Camus

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    I also get the "She's HOW old?" People can't believe my Trak mare turned 23 this year. She still loves to *work* and is quite happy to GO. Yet, I can still throw my husband on every once in a while for fun...Love the old girl.
    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

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    My 30yo Welshie is teaching my OH to ride - every other person on the agistment has to stop and coo over how adorable they are, can't believe how old he is etc. Pony frequently takes off, shies, and runs away as soon as OH turns his back... little bugger!
    Meanwhile, my egotistical TB can't understand why noone is paying attention to him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by supershorty628 View Post
    Someone who saw me taking Nikki for her twice-weekly gallop said it was so nice that a recently off-track TB could get to run around "like she's used to." She's 17. She hasn't been on the track for a long time
    I LOVE this! Nikki is beautiful and truly enjoys running. I have a 21 year old OTTB who has two speeds: FAST and FASTER! She will outrun any horse and can do it without even trying. She gallops around the field just for fun! I wish I had a setup like yours, Shorty, with such nice terrain to let her have some room to really run. Unfortunately that only happens 1-2x/month but it's better than nothing. I'd love to have someone take a video of me galloping my mare because it is such a special time for me and some day I'll lovingly look back on it. Thanks for sharing, and for the idea!

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    A fellow livery said of my 20-year old Shire-TBX mare, "How old is she? 14?"

    My bodyworker says she's in better shape than a lot of horses she meets who are half her age.

    Sometimes it goes the other way as well. There is a Shetland owned by my landlady who potters around our property. Shetland looks very cushings-y and kind of sorry for himself. I had always assumed, given his condition, that he was like 30, as Shetties are notorious for lasting forever. Earlier this month, I asked his owner how old he was. "19."

    I said to my husband later, "19! He's nearly the same age as my horse. That's terrible!" Poor thing.

    Anyway, my girl:

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    This spring I reunited briefly with a former trainer at a horse show. I hadn't worked with her since shortly after I got Tip about 8 years ago as she'd moved away, but she's always been one of his biggest fans and is first in line for clones of him. She complimented his condition and asked me how old he is these days. I asked her to guess first, and she said he looks 10 years old. He was 10 when I got him... now he's 18.

    I liked that answer better than one of the barn kids, whom I also asked to guess his age. She said "I don't know," so I told her. She said "18? Wow! I thought he was older?" Ouch.
    "I'm not always sarcastic. Sometimes I'm asleep."
    - Harry Dresden

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    My TB Vernon is in my Profile pic - stage right.
    He was 22yo in that one.

    Five years later, my vet of 15+ years asked at the annual Fall exam:
    "How old is he???"
    I smiled & said "check your records"

    We did our first rated Event when he was 20.
    When he sucked back at x-country fence 3 and I tapped him with my bat, he snorted and went like his tail was on fire for the rest of the course.
    I had trouble pulling him up at the gate, he felt ready to do it all over again!

    At a clinic with a BNT clinician's jaw dropped when he asked how old Vern was - 26yo at that time.

    Until the day he died Vern was my ponyride horse, never giving a hint of trouble to any Ground Zero rider - kid or adult - I put on him.
    But for me he was always full of GoingOn3 fire.
    I miss my Old Guy.
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
    Steppin' Out 1988-2004
    Hey Vern! 1982-2009
    Cash's Bay Threat 1994-2009

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