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    Default Blacksmiths in central CT

    Looking for some input on the following farriers that have been mentioned to me.. Rich Stone, Roy Amaral, Eric Kearns, Jeff Murphy , Eric Hoxie. Quality of shoeing, price, reliability and how they handle the horses? Feel free to mention any other blacksmiths that you would refer. Thanks.

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    My horses are barefoot, so not a huge help, but I would recommend you post on if you haven't already done so. You'll get more local folks answering.

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    I use Rich Stone (our vet referred him to us), and we are very happy. Our current horses just get trims, no shoes. Past horses got shoes up front (one with rims, another shod for laminitis (the vet reference). Both held their shoes well. Quiet person, no drama, on time for appointments. Eric Hoxie has an excellent reputation as well, and many of the serious show people use him for both regular and show shoeing. Both have excellent reputations. A couple of the people at the barn use Roy, and are happy as well. Can't answer for the rest. I second the idea of posting on Equinesite. Use the CT board. If you have a local vet, run the names by him/her for an opinion.

    ETA: if you have unresolved lameness issues, Dr. Scott Sears, from CT Equine Clinic, was a farrier before he became a vet, and does a great job with lameness treatments and therapeutic shoeing. We have seen him pull more than one badly foundered horse back from the edge of the cliff with aggressive treatment and therapeutic shoeing. Some of these cases should have been published in The Horse magazine, he is that good and very well-respected within the farrier community.
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    If you look on Equinesite, I just posted almost the same question last week and got one or 2 answers there.

    You will have better luck on Facebook with the group Connecticut Horsey folk

    here is hopefully the link to the responses I got. If it doesn't work let me know and I can copy and paste it into an PM for you. I've gotten some great recommendations, not sure yet who I'm going with,
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