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    Jan. 22, 2015

    Default Should I Move Barns?

    Hello everyone!
    I have a slight delema. I started taking riding lessons August of 14 and the barn and trainer are fabulous. This October I moved and it now takes me an hour and 10 minutes to get to my lesson. I found a barn in my town that looks great and has great reviews, it would take me 10-15 minutes to get there and I could ride multiple times a week. Is it horrible of me for wanting to switch barns? I don't have a horse, it's just me so boarding isn't an issue. Is it ok if I switch? Any input would be great!


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    Oct. 25, 2012


    Why WOULDN'T it be all right to switch? It's a free country . . .

    Just make sure to take a good tour of the closer place to make sure they have the amenities and training you want, and an opening. Then be forthright with your current barn owner and tell her the reason.

    You have an excellent reason for changing, and I'd certainly never fault a rider who wanted to move because the new situation would give her more opportunities for horse-time.

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    Dec. 28, 2009


    You could also take a couple of lessons at the new barn before you commit to a change to make sure the new barn and instructor is a good fit.

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    Sep. 26, 2010


    Take a few trial lessons at the barn close to home. Watch some lessons as well.

    Define your goals. Do you want to ride for fun, to show, to move up the levels and be very competitive? That may help you decide between fewer lessons at the place further away vs. the one close to home.

    There is nothing wrong with switching if you find it meets your needs.

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    It sounds as if you aren't questioning whether you should move barns, but are worried about hurting feelings when you tell your long-time barn that it is time for you to move.

    Your current barn doesn't expect you to stay there forever if you don't live within a convenient distance. They know that people grow up and move on with their lives. I am sure they will be sad to see you go, but very understanding that you need to be at the much closer barn. This conversation will go fine, I'm sure.

    Do take the advice above and be sure the new barn is what you want - then go ahead and give your current barn your 30 day notice, along with expressions of your appreciation for all they have done ... and move.

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    Jan. 22, 2015


    Thanks for responding! I was worried about hurting feelings, but the change is what is best for me now. I really appreciate all the advice!


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