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    Oct. 26, 2007
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    I guess I have my "hippie" parents to thank - but I have no problem with "naked".

    Grew up swimming naked in rivers and lakes, lots of other hippies of all ages naked as well (plus my friend lived above a nude beach!). Really, its just a body, we all have them, all shapes and sizes, its nothing to get worked up about.

    At home (hubby and I have no kids and live out on 90 acres), I will often run around in underwear or swim bottoms (umm, we have pets, I don't want to be cruising around totally naked!).

    I tell ya, a cool summer breeze feels great when you are not cinched up by a bra, and covered up by a shirt.

    At first, my hubby was totally uncomfortable unless completely dressed - even in the house. But has since embraced the comfort and relaxation that can be hand by lounging in his "chonies".

    Clothes have their place, I wouldn't want to go to a nudist colony or anything. But I am thankful that I can be comfortable in my own skin, in my own home!

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    Apr. 29, 2011


    I love being naked...or partially naked. During the summer in the house you will Find me most often in a t-shirt and undies and flip flops.

    If pants were optional I'd probably never wear them when it was over 65 degrees lol
    Barn rat for life

    The Big Horse

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    Mar. 29, 2009


    Quote Originally Posted by sunridge1 View Post
    I find it funny that nakedness does not bother me all whether it's me or someone else. But breast feeding in public bothers me. It makes no sense at all, except that I'm weird. Wait...maybe it does, slurping sounds make me crazy. Argh! Just thinking about them....argh! *moves to another thread*
    This is exactly how I feel!

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