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    Default Diets.

    I weigh 183.4 pounds I was 187 pounds. what do you do to keep healthy and diet wise?

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    Set goals, record progress.

    Get outside and exercise. Clean more stalls at the barn, help unload and stack feed/hay. Walk the longer route instead of going through the fence and cutting through the pasture to get your horse. I bought a farm this spring and have been busy getting it up to par, it's been great for my waistline (aside from not eating dinner until 9pm). I walk the entire fence line almost daily, to check fence and get exercise. I have new safe fence, but it's extra steps...

    Food wise, watch what you eat, allow cheats. Start off looking at your eating habits and pick one-two things you can do away with. For example switch from soda to water. Or baked potato chips from regular chips. Watch portion control. Instead of eating 3-4 pieces of pizza only allow yourself 2.

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    ^this is some really great advice.

    To add to this, keep meals small and frequent. Try to have protein with every meal. Prepare healthy snacks and keep them on hand all the time, so you never get so hungry that you are tempted to pig out. (I love carrot sticks, hard boiled eggs and fruit for this).

    When I was very depressed and had gained much weight I despaired I could do anything. Someone told me to shoot for 10,000 steps a day and track it by wearing a pedometer. It was excellent. I could see my progress all day long, adjust my habits and had a daily goal. Meeting it felt awesome, and if I missed, then the next day I got to try again!
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    fruits and veggies as much as possible. Green or black tea,or water instead of soda. NO processed foods!.Lean meats, wholegrains, brown rice, skim milk, whole grain or veggie pasta, beets, beans ,nuts. I made these tweeks to my diet and lost 30 pounds effortlessly.
    Biggest thing is avoid stuff that has preservatives and hyfrutcose corn syrup. Goodluck and go for it.

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    Dont diet, eat better foods, portion control, move more. Do you have a smartphone? or you can do it on the internet Look into, it is a free app, you plug in all your information as to where you are weight wise and where you want to be, what kind of exercise etc., it will let you know how many calories a day you should be having to reach that goal and what those calories should "look" like, fat, carbs, sugars etc. You keep a diary of what you eat every day and see how it adds up. It has been so helpful for me, 18 pounds in 10 weeks and counting!! Good luck it can be challenging but very rewarding.

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    Some people have weight problems because they are gluten intolerant, some are insulin resistant. Others just plain eat to much and don't exercise....i doubt that's a horseman's problem but it would help to figure out what your underlying issue is.
    If you can't get at least your blood glucose levels checked try going minimal carbs for 2 weeks then you can start adding one thing at a time starting with berries and nuts depending on your results.
    Many people recommend Wheat Belly but my issues are addressed by Fat Chance by Robert Lustig
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    For me, it's been a matter of tracking what I eat and how I exercise. I use WebMD's program and it's been great. You can track calories in and fitness out and as you lose weight, it adjusts accordingly. I've lost more than 35 pounds so far (since February) just by keeping track and making better choices.

    I don't cut anything out completely. I do eat smaller portions, but if I want pizza or ice cream, I have it...but I have to account for those calories somewhere, whether it's by doing more exercise that day or cutting out a snack or a potato at dinner or something. If I go out with friends (a rarity), I don't count calories, but I've found that I eat less and make better choices regardless, and I think if you splurge every once in a while, you stick to your guns better overall.

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    Good habits outside of exercise. Sleep well, drink LOTS of water. Get to bed early, get up early as well. Try to live more like someone with a more natural life would.

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    My mom and stepdad lost 100# and 230# over the past few years. All they did was to eat the same amount of calories a person their size and activity level with an ideal weight would eat. As they lost pounds, they added more activities to their day.

    My stepdad couldn't walk a flat 1/4 mile without going out of breath when he started. They both easily hike the California hills to the beach now, and they are in their 60s.

    My mom puts it that she's "not on a diet; she has a diet." They track calories over the course of a week, not by the day. They do something active every day.

    It was a long and slow route to health and fitness, but they both said it was painless. They have made no changes to their diet or exercise plans at all since the initial change.

    ...and for what it's worth, their meal plans do include a fast food lunch every stinking day. Mom hates it, but dad loves him a burger. They don't have fries or soda, but there is that daily burger!
    Don't tell me about what you can't do. That's boring. Show me what you can do. - Mom

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