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    Default 1) an ode to COTHer GreyCatFarm and 2) Scarlett O'Hairy's turn as Glamour Girl

    1) A giant shout-out to COTH-er GreyCatFarm, who has been helping me train my mare Brio to load. She has so generously brought her rig over a few times, and we've made fantastic progress. It's been a wonderful experience watching her work--she has a calm, peaceful way of working with the horse that put Brio at ease despite a fairly confirmed sense of claustrophobia. And a similar effect on her owner (ahem, me) who has some confidence issues due to a long-ago trailer accident.

    By the end of the second session, Brio confidently and calmly self-loaded (!! I seriously had to choke back tears, I just never in a million years thought she'd do that.) Brio's still not ready to have the doors shut behind her-- any movement towards the back of the trailer and she says nuh-uh no way I'm gettin' off. We think she'll be happiest in a stock trailer, because when we took the divider out, she would self-load, turn around and stand there in the trailer happy as a clam. So next I'll borrow my neighbor's stock trailer and keep the work moving forward. Ultimate goal is to be able to get off the farm and trailer over to the next clinic at GCT's stable, or the next event at Catalpa Corner.

    Anyway, this is a huge public thank you to GreyCatFarm, who has given many hours of her time to help a fellow horseperson, all for the lousy payment of 4 dozen farm-fresh eggs. She works cheap, that's for sure

    2) GCF happens to have a fantastically talented photographer for a husband, who he came along on one of our training days and took a bunch of photos of our animals. Here's the album.

    Scarlett O'Hairy was clearly the star of the day-- mugging for the camera and snapping those little hackney knees up every time she passed Herb. (She also demonstrated a pretty darn nice hunter bascule when she jumped over the 12" tall gate toeblock that she could have easily gone around. )
    Scarlett is now ground driving very well with reins attached to the halter, and I've just introduced the bit (but I'm just asking her to carry it for now, haven't hooked the reins to it yet). This is the first time I've started a horse from scratch and I'm going really slowly (mostly for lack of training time .

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    Thanks for the very kind words, but Brio is a very sharp mare and very willing to do her best for you. Personally, I'm looking forward to schooling at Catalpa with you both! Farm fresh eggs can't be beat, and a happy DH goes a long way!
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