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    Default SPCA workers

    I have a new respect for SPCA workers. I can't say much about it all, except that I was called in to help with some horses that were being seized. And though there were some hitches in the procedure here and there, I was impressed. What a horrific job these people have, and yes, they did their job well. Dealt with the owner, who was not violent or dangerously crazy, but irate. Not a happy camper.

    I think everyone has dealt with the SPCA on occasion, called in a situation with neighbours not looking after animals adequately, or purchased an animal from them ("adopted" from the SPCA). The most irritating is when there is a situation that YOU feel is bad for animals, and the SPCA seems to not take the action you feel is necessary. But man, when THEY feel it is necessary, it gets done.

    I did not tour the farm, I did not look at any animals other than the ones I shipped. I did not talk to the owner. The farm was dismal. The horses I loaded were in need of going somewhere else. I don't know what their future may be, if they have a future. Bad breeding, no doubt. Unhandled, untrained. Not "horrifically" thin, but in poor condition. Feet, untouched for a number of years, or never. One not halter broke. All three were mature breeding stallions. Economically speaking, not worth the cost of gelding IMO. But I guess someone is going to be doing the work, with the bills now being paid by the SPCA. Perhaps they will end up being kid's riding ponies, if the nutrition/care has not caused permanent damage causing unsoundness. Evidently, these horses had NEVER left the barn, had never been outside. Just stood there, for years in the dark stalls. Free run down the dark aisle to arena while stall was cleaned (sometimes), then back to stall. WHY? Why do people do this to horses? What is the possible reasoning behind these decisions?

    I just wanted to say to you SPCA workers, who do this sort of thing regularly... Good on ya. I think this is a horrible job that carries huge personal risk. And you do it well. And my friend employed by the SPCA who called me in to help is being fitted for a bullet proof vest.

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    Thank you for sharing.

    Their work does not get recognized enough.
    And it most certainly can take an emotional toll as well.

    "being fitted for a bullet proof vest" - unfortunately that may be the new normal.

    \"Horses lend us the wings we lack\"

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    Until this job no longer needs doing, how lucky are the animals that these people [and people like the OP] are willing to do it?
    Yo/Yousolong April 23rd, 1985- April 15th, 2014

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    I wish there would be more Spca officers who are trained and determined to help large animals... here in Ontario, they seem to not know, not care, really interpret the law in the worst way, believe what the owners say... but seldom act unless people involve media and make a lot of noise ie the case in Markham last year. And a rescue ended up taking 40 horses!!! The spca did not have to pay for any of their care... wonderful!
    The rescue then add almost 70 horses to care for and feed!!! They worked very hard, fund raised, etc. and the horses are doing well, BUT it seemed to me the Spca washed their hands of the whole situation!
    Kudos to your friend and her group. Just wished they would all be so pro-active!
    and thank YOU for helping!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FalseImpression View Post
    I wish there would be more Spca officers who are trained and determined to help large animals...
    Often the problem is financial - the agencies don't have the funds to send officers for training, especially if they're not going to see a ton of horse/livestock cases. And most people don't want their taxes going up to pay for things like training, either.
    Visit us at Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society -

    Want to get involved in rescue or start your own? Check out How to Start a Horse Rescue -

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