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    Default Homemade flexible ice pack!

    Don't know if this has been posted here already, but I saw this on Facebook and figured I'd share. Looks like a great, economical idea to me:

    Homemade Flexible Ice Packs

    Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water in a ziploc bag and seal, squeezing out all air possible. When frozen, the pack gets ice cold but remains flexible to contour to injuries.

    Some prefer 1 part liquid dish soap and 3 to 5 parts water. However, most who use this agree that the cooling qualities of the ice are far better transferred through the alcohol-water mixture than through the soap and water mixture.
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    Silly me has always just used a bag of peas. I like this idea.

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    Put some gauze 4x4s in the ziplock before adding water and you'll have something a bit more formed, yet still very flexible. Good for keeping cold on larger areas, say.. a high check ligament that needs cold wrapped around and the length of the injured area.

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    I read you can also soak a sponge, put it in a bag, then freeze.
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    Nothing better than soaking a towel and sticking it in the fridge. Great for when you have a larger area you need to keep cold (since you can get a big shower towel and use it to wrap a whole leg).

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    A wet towel is awfully heavy. I like the homemade recipes and ideas, thanks!
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    I found that the alcohol disolved the plastic bag, and made my freezer a mess. Also the leaking bags would sting if the skin on the leg was broken. I now make soft ice packs with 1/4 cup salt to 3 cups water. You may need to add or subtract salt depending on how cold your freezer is. Add blue food color so you know what's in the bag.

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