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    Jul. 10, 2008

    Default Brother Brag :)

    Neither of my brothers, in fact none of the rest of my family, is into horses. But when it comes to gifts for Christmas and birthdays, we all try to get each other things that are useful and pertinent to each others' hobbies and interests.

    So instead of the "What do you want for your birthday this year?" question, dear brother instead asked, "OK. It's your birthday. What do you want from Smartpak?" And when I waffled about him getting anything for me off my wishlist, since most items were a little on the pricy side and we are both short on cash, he instead said "It's ok, don't worry about it. I'll get you something good." and surprised me with brand new open-fronts. He even took the time to look up what "cob" meant!

    BEST. BROTHER. EVER. I love having supportive siblings!

    And just so you know, I returned the favor by getting him a gift card to buy fun tools (he's a car guy) for his birthday, which is 2 days after mine. Just had to share the brotherly love! Supportive friends and family are priceless.
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    Jul. 17, 2005
    Atlanta, GA


    That's so sweet!

    My brother (younger, and in college) has always used my horse that my parents help me out with as a reason why he should get expensive things too.... Can't say that I blame him.

    I should just email out my SmartPak wish list before my birthday... hmmm...
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    Oct. 19, 2009
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    That is awesome! I have an awesome entirely non-horsey brother too (well two actually). One once gave me a very nice crop (which someone borrowed and broke at a show ) that I used for years.

    The other had a great story about going to the tack shop and asking for "horse socks" as a gift for me. After the sales staff picked themselves up off the floor and stopped laughing he bought a gift certificate so I could buy my own splint boots with reflective stripes that he'd heard me talking about. He tried.

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    Nov. 13, 2005
    between the mountains and the sea, North Carolina


    Aww, yay!! The best relative present (from a long distance aunt and uncle we saw maybe once every other year) I ever got was a pair of really nice dressage gloves. It turned out that she knew what to get because she'd started taking riding lessons, so she'd actually gone to the effort to ask her instructor what an eventing teenager would like for Christmas that would be small enough to get back across the atlantic ocean.

    I always say it is the effort that counts!
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    Apr. 27, 2008


    That is awesome! In my family, it's my MIL who often tries to get me horse things. I love that about her.
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