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    Quote Originally Posted by GaitedGloryRider View Post
    No, sorry I should have clarified. I pulled that off a brony microblog. Besides I'm a chick so I'd be called a pegasister. Love MLPFiM though, I cannot lie. Not so sure I'm going to dig Equestria Girls but I'll give it a shot.
    Likewise. I actually like the show (after being RAWR THEY CHANGED IT NOW IT SUCKS about G2 and G3), probably because the original producer, Lauren Faust, is about my age or thereabouts and based the show off how she played with her G1 ponies, something I can completely understand.

    Equestria Girls...well, the movie is not totally detatched from FiM's "real word" so we'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sannois View Post
    I grew up with the Flintstones, Bugs bunny etc.
    All the cartoons are bizarre to me today.
    Cross dressing bugs showed more cleavage and was kinkier than these human ponies.

    I grew up with the same characters as well as Wonder Woman, She-ra, Daphne ( scooby doo) all wore skimpy dresses.

    As for the creator of the series I loved Foster Home for Imaginary Friends but cant get into My Little Pony.

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    This is like the whole dragonball evolution cept that is real life and only semblance is character names, the voices for the real dbz wont watch it.

    Basically if akira toryama or funimation didnt make it dont watch! The fan girls shall swamp thee!

    Ok ok so the real thing is cartoon, its got lots of plots an in depth characters that can be related to. And the massive muscled hunky saiyjins eye candy! But again this show isnt based for a under preteen audience so the suggestive things that occur isnt a issue
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    So.... A local theater is playing the movie, and my girls were all excited so I took them to see it. Really, it wasn't that bad. I didn't think they were overly sexy or anything, and I sort of actually enjoyed the movie. It was funny though, it's a small, local theater that played it and the owner went to the front of the theater before it started and welcomed everyone, and asked that the bronies please remember there were "little ears" in the theater those little ears were my girls- we were basically in the minority during that showing. Afterwards, they showed a documentary about bronies, but we didn't stay to watch. I really didn't want to scar my girls that way

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