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    Default Father's Day

    I really never believed that my father understood my love of horses. However when I was 15 he bought me my first horse. He and a fellow officer requisitioned lumber,we lived in Hawaii at the time, and built me a tack room and run in shed.
    I still don't believe he ever understood my passion, but he did understand passion.
    Thanks Dad, I miss you.
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    Jan. 29, 2008


    Nice post, Ctan. I too will thank my Dad. We never had the money for lessons and such when I was a kid, but he faithfully drove me out to the local rental barn every Saturday, so I could get my fix of horses. Thanks too, to my husband, who never complains about the horses, and always takes great care of them when my daughter and I go on our little trips away. He needs to learn colours though, as he brought in the loud paint to feed, when I had specifically said the "plain brown one", and he has yet to master how to drop a round bale into the feeder properly. Oh well, he tries, and that right there speaks volumes.
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    I thank my dad. He's your stereotypical "city boy"; born and raised in the Bronx. He was always a little scared of the horses although he never admitted it. However his Italian side came out and he loved to sneak my boy food, specifically Altoids. Whenever he saw my dad coming he knew he was going to get his special treat!

    Dad always supported my passion even though he didn't understand it. He paid for fancy horses, horse shows, trips to Europe, etc. for something that he didn't even get. I am forever grateful for my dad for that. Even still when I talk to him, he asks me how my horse is. I send him picture updates and he shows all his friends the pictures of his "grandson".

    I love you Daddy!
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    My Dad bought me my first horse 42 years ago. Wow! How time flies. He was bitten by the same bug and began a breeding program for Golden Saddlebreds. The first foal born on the farm in 1975 was a filly. Dad sold her in the early eighties. I found her again in 1995. Today in honor of my Dad I will be riding HER son that she gave me after I rescued her from a dire situation.

    I made this video of us a couple years ago. Anna the GSD went on her big sleep this last December. Dad was GSD guy too.

    Happy Fathers Day Dad!

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    I was lucky to have horsey parents. My dad drove draft ponies when I was little. One of the first photos of me is dad driving in a Labor Day parade, with mom holding me. (I was born in July so I was only a couple of months old.) When I started riding, they found me the perfect kid horse, who still lives at my parents' farm. Dad would trailer us out for lessons every week, and shows on the weekend. Even when I was older and had my current horse, boarded at a different barn, he would go to that barn, load up the horse and my stuff, and bring him to my trainer's barn so I could have a lesson, and then take the horse home. Oh, and he would videotape and get pictures at the shows. He was the BEST horse show dad ever! I live too far away to have horsey time with him now, but he is still the best dad ever!!
    The hooves of the horses! Oh witching and sweet is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet. Will Ogilvie

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    Non-horsey parents here altho Dad might have been if mom had let him.

    I got my horse when I got married and had my own place...that was according to my mother's wishes the whole time I was growing up.

    My last memory of my dad was when he came out to the farm one evening by himself. I was getting dinner ready and looked out the window. He was standing alone, behind the barn, looking at the horses grazing on the hill.

    I never knew what he was thinking...he died in his sleep 2 nights later. That was 36 years ago. Love you, Dad, from your 'punkin'.
    Ride like you mean it.

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    I have to thank my dad who used to get up early and waited with his heart in his mouth with my mum as the crazy daughter ran XC every weekend in the summer! he brushed and washed and held ponies and horses for years. I remember him being on clean the grey pony's legs duty at a championships on year. He is now a grandpa who does the same for his 7 year old grand daughter. Also thanks to my husband, who is the ultimate show dad even though he would rather be making beer on a day off. He drives the truck and trailer, grooms, holds, wraps, unbraids, and always has a crop in his back pocket.

    Love both the wonderful men in my life. Happy father's day

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