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    Default Ariat Tempo Half chaps. Will they stretch?

    I bought Ariat Tempo chaps in a size small and extra small tall, planning on keeping the pair that fit the best. I have no difficulty getting the smalls on and in fact they seem too loose. However, the extra smalls I cant even zip up all the way! If they will stretch a little, I can make them work. Does anyone have these chaps? Do you think they will work?
    Here is a picture to give you an idea of how they fit:
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    thats alot of stretching to do! how loose are the other ones?

    Its going to be hella uncomfortable (I would think) wearing those till they stretch.

    My Arait chaps (not the same model) haven't stretched that much (which is good as they fit me).
    I have horse to sell to you. Horse good for riding. Can pull cart. Horse good size. Eats carrots and apples. Likes attention. Move head to music. No like opera! You like you buy.

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    Have the exact same problem. I wore mine for the first time last week and today will be the second. I'm just conditioning them before and after I ride in them and hope for the best. I fit in the extra-small tall in Ariat's other models without issue, so I'm hoping these will stretch.

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    xQHDQ- Keep me posted on how the break in goes. Where exactly are you applying the conditioner? It sounds like you are a step ahead of me if you can already ride in them.
    I tried them on this morning right when I got out of bed and without breeches on and I could get them zipped up all the way up...yeah! Did some stretches with them on and really hoping I can make these work.

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    When I worked in a tack store, I was advised to tell people to vacuum in their new boots. The leaning motion when pushing the vacuum is similar to the bending of our leg in the saddle. The parents loved that advice!

    I rode in mine today and the zipper split from the bottom, Not broken, through - just too tight.

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    Default Any breaking in updates?

    SunnyCalifornia and xQHDQ – Any updates on your efforts to break in/stretch the Airat Tempo half chaps? Mine zip a little more than SunnyCalifornia's... I am afraid to go a size bigger because of the significant size of the elastic panel and because they are already big in the ankles. Should have read the online reviews that said these were cut wonky. Thanks!

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