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    Default Hawk vs. Merhow and questions about staight stall length and fan placement

    I'm looking to buy a 2 horse straight load as my second "around town" trailer. I had pretty much narrowed it down to Hawk when I went to Horse Expo last weekend and saw a Merhow in the "Equistar" model. I was really impressed with the quality and workmanship on this trailer and I'm seriously considering one.

    Do any of you own a newer Merhow, and what has been your experience with it?

    Also, for the straight load stalls, I have a choice between 84" length and 90" length. My horses are not huge. Is it worth it to get the xtra length?

    Fans: On my current trailer they are over the tail side. A lot of trailers I'm seeing have them mounted in the front, pointed toward the horse's head. Is that preferable?


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    I just bought a Hawk. My understanding is the fan is at the head area. I personally prefer it because I think it works better with the airflow design of most trailers, where the air flows from front to rear.

    I looked at Merhow but the cost difference between the 2H Hawk equipped the way I'd like and the Merhow was several thousand dollars. I know the Merhow is all aluminum and the Hawk has a steel frame, but for my purposes I couldn't justify the extra expense. Hawk has much better resale value here as well.

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    I have a 2011 Merhow 2+1. I love it! I bought mine after seeing it at a horse expo as well. Would buy it again 10x's over.

    I'm not sure what size my stalls are as I bought an already built model, but if you're interested, I could measure. All I know is I haul my 16.2 hand warmbloods and my little 15.2 hand QHs in there and they all seem to have lots of room.

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