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    Dec. 17, 2007

    Default Horse Blanket Comparision

    So I am looking to buy a heavy weight blanket for my horse since he will be on 24/7 turnout. I might not need it this year because our winters have been so mild lately but I know eventually our luck will run out and I want to make sure he is toasty warm in case of a blizzard.
    So a tack shop near me is having a sale this week end and have marked down most of their winter blankets.
    I am looking at a Rambo Original Heavy weight, a Rhino Wug Heavy Weight or a Weatherbeeta Orican Freestyle heavy weight.
    My first gut reaction is to go with the Rambo but the others are much cheaper going for under $75. So if the others are only slightly lower in quality then the Rambo it might be a better buy. Just wondering everyone's thoughts on the blankets.


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    Aug. 24, 2007


    I would compare the denier of the outer layer. The higher the better. That is pretty much always the first thing I make a decision on - if its less than 1,200d I won't buy it, then price and features are next. For example, I won't own a blanket that has a tail strap not leg straps so that eliminates Rambos (I think, or it used to...) I prefer front clips to having to undo straps, that sort of thing...

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    What area of the country are you in? Is your horse clipped for the Winter?

    You may well be better off with a sheet and a medium weight blanket, for a much larger variety of options, rather than a single heavy (warmth and weight) blanket.

    Schneider's Stormshield sheets are a "heavy" sheet and when laid on top of a medium weight blanket, provide a heck of a lot of warmth and wind protection without SO much physical weight of a heavy weight blanket.

    Just food for thought

    I'm a big fan of Schneiders as well.
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    Dec. 17, 2007


    I already own a Rambo lite turnout and a Rhino Medium weight turnout. I am in PA. He might be clipped, he might not it just depends on the exercise load this winter. He is at a farm that has an indoor so he will probably be ridden as much during the winter as he is now. I am just preemptively buying it. Just in case I need it. Not sure that I will or not but don't want to be stuck needing it and not have it. I also have stable blankets that I can add or take away if needed.

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    I think if you're not going to be using it a ton, I'd go with one of the cheaper options-- personally I haven't had great luck with the Rhinos as far as durability, and I'm not crazy about the fit on some horses either, so I'd probably lean toward the Weatherbeeta.

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    I'd go with either the Rambo or Weatherbeeta. I have numerous Weatherbeetas 10+ yrs old and still going strong. I have a bunch of Rambos too but only the no-fill T/O sheets - I layer them over everything else if rain/sleet/snow is coming as they hold up to wet weather extremely well. I'd be worry about just having a heavy weight blanket as I prefer to layer (i.e. 2 mid-weights vs. 1 heavy weight is how I do things). I've never owned any Rhinos as I've never heard many good things about their durability.
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    If you decide on a Rambo, I prefer the Wug neck over the original style. With the original, they get wet on their shoulders/necks more.

    I like blankets with hoods so you can vary what the horse is wearing to the weather conditions.

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    Sep. 22, 2010


    Rambo all the way IMO.


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