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    Dec. 28, 2012

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    Sep. 21, 2011


    How horrible. I hope that stallion can physically and mentally recover from Roth's "training sessions".

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    Dec. 6, 2012


    That poor, poor horse. You know its bad enough that the abuse was done, but how in hell did she think she could get away with taking it to a show and showing it???

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    Dec. 2, 2009


    Ugh. I don't even understand how anyone could accomplish this damage, much less try to hide it. What a horrible awful human being.

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    Sep. 29, 2009


    That poor baby 2 year old. Geld him and give him to a GREAT low key loving home.

    2 years old, and going to a futurity.

    Tied in the box all day. Stall "box"?

    Poor baby.
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    Jun. 15, 2010


    Truly appalling

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    May. 4, 2003


    "ridden the colt all night again, and tied him up in the box..."

    Hope the owners check out their next trainer very very carefully when he goes to Australia...and go to see his training.
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    Jan. 4, 2007


    Owners many times are completely clueless what trainers do or don't, why or if it is appropriate.
    Owners and their horses are in the hands of a trainer and when one is like this one, well, poor horse.

    If you post this on the Off Course forum, you will get more people informed and so warned.

    We just rehabbed a horse that had about an 5" infected hole on his side, skin in strips there, hard to see in his very long winter coat.
    That was not intentional, but from some overzealous use of some sharp spurs by a clueless kid that "loved" the horse.
    This was not intentional, just very, very poor horse riding and care, now remedied.
    What was curious, the horse never indicated he was bothered by that, even when I was treating it.
    He was always happy, ears forward, wanting treats.
    Most horses would have at least flinched.

    Here, I think she shaved the horse on another spot to use that hair to cover the holes.
    How could you do that to horses and not pull them off to heal, but try to cover it and keep riding it?

    I hope they find some law in the books to get her put away for very long.

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    May. 5, 2008
    Scranton, PA


    It drives me crazy to see this kind of abuse.

    What makes me shake my head even more is that the training philosophy my trainer uses has the horses responding and performing better then the others and we never tie them up, mark their sides, cut their tongues or rip open their palettes.

    Intimidation training only works until the horse gets stronger...then you need scarier methods to get the same results. It's sad that people aren't patient enough to take the time and correctly develop a young horse, you end up with a good mind and one that can go on and show for years, not end up fried in two.

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