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    Default foxes and their dietary habits

    We usually see a few lone adult foxes around the farm but this year there are 2 babies that are now about the size of a cat. Their den seems to be quite near the ring along a feeder creek. They are quite bold and will come into the ring during lessons and just watch. Our morning feeder found one of them eating the dry cat food out of the tack room last week. I know that foxes are omnivorous but I thought that when it came to meat, they would catch things and eat them, maybe burying the leftovers for later.

    These 2 have figured out that burying things in the piled up footing at the edges of the ring is great fun. Not so fun for me when I drag with the York rake and unearth all kinds of things - chicken carcasses, a deer leg, etc. The other day, however, in the middle of the ring I found the front half of a very large, very dead fish! As far as I know, the creek that borders the farm does not contain fish anywhere near that size so the foxes could not have caught this (nor did they catch the deer!) I assume they raided someone's trash and brought the fish carcass home. Do foxes eat carrion? I am assuming that the foxes are responsible for this, but if not, what other critter would have these dining proclivities?

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    they will eat pretty much anything they can find. Your leaving dry cat food out is attracting them- cats shouldn't be fed dry food either, very bad for them, so maybe just stopping that will help the foxes move along. They are very smart and I suggest running a hot wire along the side of your arena to keep them from stashing their food stores in it.

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    If you want to know what fox eat, think "crow".

    Lik a crow, they will eat road kill, berries, cherries, grapes, bugs, stuff from your garden...I even had fox make holes in cantelope and eat them

    Mice, grasshoppers, eggs, chickens, .......

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    I did google it and found out that they would eat dead things. I guess that I am just surprised that with all of the "nicer" food around that they would go for a very smelly dead fish!

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    If it's edible, fox will eat it. Sometimes even if it's not edible, LOL! They LOVE dead, rotting smelly stuff. No different than dogs in that regard. The stronger the smell, the more they're attracted to it. Rotting fish stink to a fox (or weasel or dog or coyote) is like the smell of baking cookies to us humans. Fox also love bugs, frogs, lizards, slugs, etc. And fruits and veggies. They require mainly protein to thrive but can survive on almost anything. They're also nosy and sociable as heck...they really enjoy watching people. I have a mated pair with kits on my property this spring...if my horses get running around/playing they both pop up and sit and watch them.
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