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    Default Looking to rent a 2 horse trailer in MI--Grand Rapids, Caledonia area

    I have a young horse who needs to get out and see the world, but I don't have access to a trailer. Does anyone have a two horse they'd be willing to rent In West Mich, close to GR, Byron Center, Caledonia or thereabouts? My friend and I want to attend a Glass-ed show on 6/22 and can't find a ride, though we do have a truck.

    If the 6/22 date doesn't work, she and I will be need a trailer at other times over this summer, too, so if you have one to rent, PM me.

    If not, is there another place on the web where I might find this?

    On a different, but related note: My horse is in desperate need of getting off the farm. So, if anyone keeps horses near Caledonia (Green lake) and is traveling to a show, clinic, lesson etc and has an extra space on the trailer, Eragon and I would love to come along for the experience! I would of course help pay for gas, whatever you think is fair! He just needs to ride on a trailer and see new sights. He loads well and is 15'1. Again, PM if interested.
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    If you plan to travel a lot, and you have a buddy who is also trailer free, have you considered purchasing an inexpensive trailer? You can find something like a calico for around $6k brand new, and it sounds like you have a friend who'd be willing to pay gas, so you might be able to do this pretty inexpensively.

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    Oct. 25, 2008


    Ditto re: find yourself a cheap trailer...

    There are (in my experience) only a scant few businesses which rent horse trailers, and I honestly can't think of a single person I know who owns a trailer, at least one in good, safe condition, who would be willing to rent it out to a complete stranger. Heck, most of the trailer owners I know wouldn't haul a stranger's horse in their own trailer even if they themselves were the ones doing the hauling-- there's just way too much risk for a poor hauler (horse OR owner, lol) to trash said trailer.

    You can pay a commercial hauler to do the hauling for you; there are people who do this locally as well as nationally. Expect to pay dearly for the privilege; $2/mile wouldn't be out of the question, possibly more.

    I'm in a similar position as you; I have a truck but (had) no trailer. I actually had made arrangements to rent one from an equipment rental facility this summer (to the tune of $175/weekend), but a few weeks ago I got a call from them telling me they had decided to sell the trailer, so they had to cancel my reservation. (Good thing I hadn't sent in any entry fees!)

    Anyway, if you don't mind investing in some sweat equity, you can probably find a fixer-upper trailer and get yourself mobile for what you'd spend in rental and/or hauling fees for multiple trips over the summer.

    I picked up a used Arndt 2H BP last month for $550; I'm in the process of rehabbing it right now, and I'm estimating I'll have a total of $2k in it before it's ready to go. And I'm DIY'ing almost all of it... Horse friends are helping me with the sanding/painting, I'm bartering mechanical work with a gearhead neighbor, etc.

    And with all the work I'm putting into it, even though it's not a "nice" trailer, there is NO WAY I would loan it out to anyone-- not unless they gave me its full replacement value in a cash deposit!!
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    there is somebody who regularly advertises a horse trailer for rent in the farm + garden section of the GR craigslist.

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    There are loads of inexpensive trailers in the West Michigan Area.
    Get you own, you will be much happier, Generally people do not like to loan out their trailers!

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