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I ride in my foxhunting saddle - a Stubben Roxane. I find it comforable and it fits my Arab. I just use a regular leather girth with elastic on one side. We foxhunt in a traditional flat leather hunt bridle, but I do endurance and trail ride in a biothane sidepull from Running Bear. It has the ability to attach a bit to it (I school in it too sometimes) if you need it.

However, I did my first one in a leather snaffle bridle.

I don't like leather bridles for stuff like that long term because it gets gross and is more involved cleaning it than just dunking it in a bucket of water while I do something else.

My guy goes barefoot even on trails where they suggest shoes. He really just doesn't need them.

I use just a couple TuffRider saddle pads (new one for each loop). None of my stuff is terribly fancy or endurance specific other than my obnoxious blue sidepull.

Outfit you and the horse in comfortable gear and have at it.

I like the SnugPax saddle bags if you're looking for some. They're great for endurance and just trail riding.
I want to get that bridle from Running Bear SOOOOO bad, but my trainer says it looks too soft. How does your horse preform in it? Is it a softer aid, a medium aid or a hard aid? My gelding ground drives in his leather halter, but trainer would like a single rope nose side pull, how does your bridle compare to a single rope nose sidepull? Is it just as effective?