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    Apr. 2, 2003

    Default Boeckmann Trailers?

    I am about to finalize my purchase for a Boeckmann trailer.

    Is there anyone out there who actually owns one of these?

    I am currently finalizing between purchasing the Duo R or the Champion R. They are exactly the same size, but the Champion has aluminum walls and the Duo has laminate.

    I admit to being a brenderup hater because they were so stinkin' ugly. But these seem really attractive with good features, and the price is in line with buying a good all-aluminum model from an American manufacturer.

    My concern here is safety. I know they say these things can be towed by anything with a wheelbase of 93" or greater and anything over 125hp.

    My vehicle is as follows:
    2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Class IV tow package which includes the 3.73 axle ratio, hitch receiver, and dual piston brakes in the front, as well as a factory transmission cooler.
    5.7L HEMI engine shared with the Dodge RAM trucks, power output 363hp.
    Curb weight ~5000lbs
    Tow Rating 7200lbs

    It seems to me that this is more than adequate to pull the trailer. The trailer's loaded tongue weight is 211lbs and the maximum loaded weight is 5280lbs.

    I am trying to avoid getting into the debate about european trailers. Are there any folks out there experienced with the euro trailers who can confirm that I'm understanding this correctly and that my vehicle is more than adequate, and any other considerations that I need to know about owning a european trailer.

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    Apr. 10, 2013
    Ontario, Canada


    I LOVE my Boeckmann! I have the Comfort version, which is basically a gussied up Duo. I bought mine used, 2 years old, and it still looks brand new after 2 towing seasons. Good ventilation, the longer ramp makes it easier to load, very smooth travelling with no rattling and minimal bouncing due to suspension. Horses travel very calmly. I prefer the laminate (mine is coated with fibreglass), don't think I'd buy an aluminum one. Minimal maintenance with the coated laminate, cooler and quieter. Marsha at Maple Lane Trailers in Ontario is the closest dealer to me, and was incredibly helpful about tow vehicle specs even tho she didn't make a penny from my sale (I bought privately). Give her a call or an email if you have questions or concerns.
    Do make sure the trailer is big enough for your horse, tho- I'd hesitate to put something bigger than 16hh in the DUO, but Boeckmann does have bigger trailers if you are transporting warmbloods.
    Good luck- you will love it!

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    Feb. 20, 2007


    Just back from Germany. They are everywhere and seemed to be towed by anything! Wagons, cars, if you can hitch it, they tow it. I asked about their whole system and the answer was they go relatively short distances. I did notice that each farm seemed to have a box truck for shipping also. Good luck with your purchase.

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    Jan. 5, 2011


    Based on the 93" wheelbase and 125 hp being the same as Brenderup's requirements: yes, your vehicle is adequate.

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    Feb. 15, 2004


    There was that whole discussion about them on EMG

    I saw them at the Royal and was impressed!!

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    Apr. 2, 2003


    Well, I ended up buying a Hawk "traditional" trailer instead for the same vehicle. It was too difficult to get a Boeckmann in finite time. Only one was available in this country at the moment.

    I took a quick look at that EMG thread but it is the usual people not understanding the differences between euro and american trailers. Hence why I asked for people who had actually owned and used them.

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