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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox Wood Farm View Post
    Can anybody comment on how well any of these various programs handle riding in heavily wooded areas? I guess that is probably more a function of what type of phone you are using and its particular GPS capabilities... Quite a few years ago, before smartphones, I bought a GPS made for hikers, hoping I could map trails and specific foxhunting routes. I found out really quickly that I lost signal so often that tracking became really poor. Our hunt country has lots of hills, not so great cell signal reception and lots of trees. I gave up on that GPS long ago, but am now really interested in this thread because I would like to try again using my iPhone.

    Thanks if anybody has any suggestions!
    Everytrail on my Motorola Electrify worked great today, in the Great Smoky Mountains. There's no cell service, and the foliage is extremely thick. I was impressed with how well it worked on this ride.

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    I just bought this app after seeing a friend post a track on facebook using it.
    I have not used it yet, but I love the idea of being able to have each horse's rides and mileage kept separately along with ground conditions, weather,etc. I have been using Gaia, which is wonderful but just records your trail with time, distance, speed, etc.

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    Oh, that equitrack app looks like it could be super cool. I may have to spend the $$ to try it out. If they upgraded it to include logging all vet, shoeing, etc info and allowed for scheduling those as could be the perfect app.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ulysses- the most perfect all-terrain vehicle ever. Hencho en Mexico

    Mr. Walter Bumblepants - Foster Dog Extraordinaire

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    I like Endomondo, though I wish I could mark way points on it. I have a friend who uses Equitrail, and likes it. I may try it out too.

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