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    Yes, standing for Karl Neiderseuss

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    I'm also currently looking for a new saddle. As my training and riding has progressed and improved, I'm finding that my current saddle doesn't fit as well any longer.

    I have ridden in saddles that are too small. As I learned to use my seat more correctly, it became extremely painful to sit in a saddle that was too small, and I won't do it again. I nearly did serious damage to my psoas muscle and lower back because of it. It set my riding back by 2 years. It is extremely important to have a saddle that fits BOTH you and your horse. Don't waste money on a so-so saddle. Take your time. There are lots and lots of saddles out there.

    I had a Grand Gilbert, and I really liked the saddle a lot! It was one that ended up being too small. They make a great saddle, and you can find a bunch of them on Ebay.

    My current saddle is a Cliff-Barnsby Bonfire Cocktail. Very nice saddle. I will be selling it soon to pay for something new. It was the first saddle I rode in, that I really felt like I could stretch my legs down and open my hips. This saddle has an extra-long flap. I would look into the Cliff-Barnsby saddles as well. They are nicely made and hold up really well. I found mine used.
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    Just thought I'd post an update as I believe I found the winner!

    It's medium-wide 18" Paramount (now Ridgemount), with an open medium-deep seat. Saddle fitter loves fit for the trusty steed, and it drops my leg right under me. We all went "ahhh'.

    I have it on trial to ensure that there's a lasting love connection, but it was definitely love at first sight.

    If anyone sees these used saddles around, they are really quite lovely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spud&Saf View Post
    Just thought I'd post an update as I believe I found the winner!

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