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    Default Teething, boredom, or anxiety?

    I don't know if anybody remembers when my husband came home with our hound x gsd x husky (Our vet thinks... I don't see it) Jackson. He is the best guy, and while he has some really weird traits (like sitting on the couch for hours staring at the wall) we couldn't have asked for a more mellow guy.


    When he's left alone (outside, if I go upstairs to change the baby's diaper, or when we leave) he turns into this whirlwind of destruction. His favorite objects of destruction are books, but he'll settle for anything within reach. One time we left, and he managed to pull all the childproof protectors out of the light sockets to chew. We have no clue how he did it.

    We left the webcam up to record them one day, and he doesn't seem anxious. No pacing, barking, whining, or panting.

    We make an effort to keep their area picked up (they stay in the dining room when we leave. Crate training is OUT... that's when he got anxious and ended up ripping two nails out and a tooth. We've tried thundershirts, rescue remedy, and a variety of drugs. When he goes in the crate he loses his ever loving mind) and he gets plenty of exercise. We go on a few walks a day, then DH takes him running at night, plus ball in the back yard.

    We've tried puzzle toys, kongs, smearing everything with Tabasco. He's just can't seem to stop chewing when we turn our backs. I'm thinking about trying tethering, but he's the model citizen when he's attached. He has a great skill set of sit, stay, wait, shake, roll over, go around, etc. etc.

    Are we just going through a teenage phase? Our JRT was naughty(think food swiping and harassing the cats), but she wasn't destructive. He's almost a year old and we've had him since December. Will he grow out of it or do I need to just resign myself to an explosion of naughty every time we leave, or we let him out to go pee?

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    could be all of the above.

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    Is he OK with being left in a small room, with nothing but toys (kongs are good) to chew on?

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    Is he crate trained? I always crate train my dogs when young. Some require crating when alone for longer than others. My last cocker took only 6 months before she was fine home unsupervised. My last collie? Six years.

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