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    May. 21, 2012

    Default Gated farm? Experiences-comments-warnings etc

    I'm interested to hear from people who have gated properties about their experiences with having a gate. For example- How do you deal with deliviers? Do your friends/ family feel put off or unwelcome. Is it a hassle- or a feature you love? For the added security- do you feel that it might also make your property seem more attractive to a criminal? Do you leave it open during the day?

    I live in an area with very few gated properties w/ residence. Mostly the only gated properties are agricultural land with storage barns. Not palatial "compounds".

    I'm interested more in the social, security, and functional experiences with gates across driveways... more than the specifics of actual gates, mechanisms and hardware.

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    Dec. 15, 2005


    My daughter has an automatic gate and loves it. UPS and FedEx leave packages at the gate. The gate is extra assurance that if a horse gets loose, he won't end up on the road. The gate also discourages passers by from driving in. It slows guests down so they are less likely to run over her dogs or chickens. I think it would discourage potential criminals, but you never know.

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    Mar. 6, 2009

    Default Love my security gate !!!! Friends understand = it's my front door = so locked !

    Love my security gate !

    It's basically my front door SO

    friends understand

    and gate is closed !

    Deliveries are left at gate ( signed card with UPS ) or in mailbox.

    I just won't risk having people wander around the horse property and leave gates open or pick up a 'treasure"

    nor have the delivery truck endanger my barn cats' lives by ZOOMING" into the driveway and around the circle to house and back !

    Hope this helps !

    * My gate is electric/ automatic works off phone and remotes ~
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT"S A WONDERFUL LIFE !"

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    Jul. 4, 2000


    I regularly visit two gated properties, one private, the other a boarding facility.

    The private place knows when deliveries are due and leaves the gate open. Visitors are given the code when they either call from the gate or arrange their visit beforehand.

    The boarding facility has the code taped to the keypad ... their gate is for critter control, not security.

    I have also seen a few places where there is a drop box outside the gate for deliveries, with a notice for UPS / FedEx / PO to put deliveries in the drop box.

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    Aug. 25, 2007


    Good fences make good neighbors. Gates are part of a fences. An open gate says "welcome." A closed gate says "keep out" unless there's a sign that says "open the gate and let yourself in; then please close the gate."

    In the end it's a personal choice thing. What message do want to send? Decide that and you have your answer.

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    Jan. 16, 2009
    Four Corners


    We have a gate, but out here in the land of perimeter fencing it means nothing other than, "hey, there's livestock behind here." The gate has a Horse Xing sign on it as a reminder. We have the code posted on the keypad since it's just there to keep the horses in, but can easily take it off if we ever feel we need better security. UPS, FedEx and the water guy (yes, our water comes in on a truck,) have no problem letting themselves in.

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    Nov. 1, 1999


    For those of you with gates, do you have pasture fencing and additional perimeter fencing? So if they get out of the pasture there is still fencing between your property and the road? That is my biggest concern, we were going to complete the front with fencing and a gate but we don't have perimeter fencing. Our horses have managed to tear down the fencing (3 rail wood) on a couple of occasions and get out. Thankfully they walked the fence line to the front of the property, walked to the barn stood and outside the barn waiting.

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    Nov. 2, 2001
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    they also make gates that swing closed after you drive through

    I prefer a fenced yard, I would certainly entertain a gate for the farm.
    I like my privacy and the security it offers for the animals.
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    May. 21, 2012


    That's an interesting situation js... where the open driveway actually gave your horses a way to get home.

    Thanks everyone for your comments on your experiences.

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    Apr. 4, 2010
    yonder a bit, GA


    I love a gated entrance, particularly for the security of the animals contained inside. I rode at a small boarding barn with a keypad gate for a little while. Not sure how they did deliveries but the property manager/barn keeper lived right at the front of the property and was usually there. Farrier, vet were told the pass code but another code posted dialed the phone of the manager who could open it remotely as well, much like apartment complexes have.
    I think it deterred the people who should be deterred- the property was near the road and i could definitely imagine people wanting to drop in to check it out. Also the neighborhood wasn't the greatest and this property was really expensive (not large but swoon worthy) so it did add some security to the valuables (but honestly, so did the cantankerous aussie mix for that matter!). The property was perimeter fenced along the roadside and *most* of the two other sides. It connected with an agricultural farm on the other end of the property owned by the same people, and they'd often ride their horses over through the trails to check on the crops. Theoretically a horse could have escaped if he got lose on the trails and went through a gap in one of the riding fields, but if they headed for their home (stalls) that whole area was secure.
    We have a gated driveway at home with our dogs and I can't imagine it any other way. One of the things I like is being able to see the gate from the house. Since we "turn out" dogs in that area, it's a good reassurance to peek outside and know it's secure. Ours is closed all day long unless we're both gone and too lazy to close it.
    No trouble with FedEx or usps with deliveries but have definitely had problems with UPS chucking packages over the privacy fence for the dogs to catch and destroy. Guess they take their name UPS literally.

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    Apr. 2, 2008


    Our drive is about a 1/4 mile long - gate is up closer to the house because the yard has a perimeter fence for the dogs which ties into the fencing for the horses and I want to be able to check that the gate is closed from the back door before I let them out.

    Love that if one of the horses decides to take a tour they can only get so far and most of the woodland creatures, friendly and not, seem to just go around.

    If we have friends coming we open the gate for them or they open it themselves -they understand its importance. Hate the idiots who drive down the driveway and then try to back all the way back out.

    All deliveries go to my office ever since UPS hung my wedding gift in a tree on the road - it was from Tiffany's so I was not too happy about it.

    Second gate at the beginning of the driveway is high up on the to do list for this summer.

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    Jun. 22, 2006
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    I love our gated entrance to our ranchette but I live in an Estates Neighborhood where nearly every house has a gated entrance.

    I made sure we made the gate wide enough for big trucks and trailers and easy to get in and out.

    I just leave the gate open if I know someone is coming. Deliveries are delivered right at the gate.

    We live at the end of a very short private cul-de-sac and it works fine for us.


    Some pics:

    We have a side/walk-through "person gate":

    You can see our farm sign, BARELY, here:

    Here is how it looked before we did the paver driveway (it was gravel before the pavers we put in)

    P.S. We put EVERYTHING in ourselves (with some help) - so we were able to design and build it all the way we wanted. The pylasters/columns, the lights, the gates (custom-made to go with our Twin Oaks Ranch name - those are Oak Leaves in the gate), etc. It's 16 feet wide. If I were to do it over again, I'd do 20 feet wide if possible but even the biggest trucks/trailers still fit through.
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    Apr. 11, 2007
    Middle Tennessee


    I probably have a gate fetish as I made Mr. WTW put in 11 tractor gates over 22 acres; then there's a few 4' gates scattered about

    We have two driveway gates.

    One keeps the rest of the world from driving 800 feet from the road to our house and trying to sell me something or asking if I "need any help"

    We left enough room to get a semi off the road before they come face-to-face with gate. That is of prime importance, leave yourself room to get off the road, regardless of how little traffic your road may have.

    UPS leaves packages in plastic bags tied to the gate or I will often give the SHIP TO as Mr. WTW's place of employment.

    If I know someone is coming, I unlock the gate a little ahead of their arrival. I would like an electric gate by the road but----------------oh well----

    The second driveway gate is right on the other end of the barn, essentially making an equine infirmary out of the barnyard. The driveway passes alongside the barn, on its way up the knoll to the house. We just have to make sure whomever's in Sick Bay isn't paying attention to the road gate as it opens

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    Dec. 31, 2009
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    I lived on a farm complex with an automatic gate and I loved it! Definitely gave a sense of security when horses got loose. FedEx and UPS would drive through the gate.
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    Feb. 19, 2013


    Bought our farm a few months ago and a gated driveway is on the 1 year 'to do' list. It's already fenced on both sides of the drive so adding a gate won't be an issue. #1 reason is our farm sits on a busy 4 lane highway and I want to keep my livestock on my property, I don't have the option of animals accidentially getting loose.

    I'm a gate lover and since we are having to add fence to 90%+ of the property we are spending a small fortune in gates... there will be 13-15 gates total (just for pastures and driveway) on the property by the time we are done but we are setting up the layout for eventually getting cattle and making it easy for non horse people (in-laws) to feed when I'm out of town. All the pastures will be connected so essentially we could open gates and let whatever livestock have free run of the property, or have access to all the pastures without having to go through another pasture. All without much wasted space...

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    Apr. 2, 2011


    UPS, FedEx, and the utilities all have our gate code. We have our phone numbers by the keypad. Keeps critters in and pests out.

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    Jan. 21, 2010


    I have a front gate. Like it so far.

    Deliveries: UPS is great and leaves packages by the gate in plastic bags (it rains often here). I've driven by some other houses that have large boxes (wooden or plastic) outside next to the gate, I assume for packages to be placed. I plan to do that so someone doesn't drive by and see a package leaning up against my gate and take it. But my neighbors are retired and super nosy so I don't worry too much.

    Friends/family understand completely. The gate/perimeter fence is to keep my horses off the road. If they don't understand that, they're not my friend.

    I don't have an auto gate; I get out to open it, drive through, and get out to close it. I don't have an issue with that. It's a little annoying if it's pouring rain and/or lightening, but I know that before I leave the house so I wear a rain jacket or wait the 5 minutes until the worst of the storm has passed.

    I think it deters criminals, knowing they have to stop and get out to open the gate. I always leave my gates closed. All the time. So my neighbors learn that if it's left open, something's wrong.
    I also found that it alerts me if someone has been at my house. I close the chains a certain way, and there have been a couple times that they were not closed my way and I knew someone had been there and was able to figure out who and why.

    Quote Originally Posted by js View Post
    For those of you with gates, do you have pasture fencing and additional perimeter fencing? So if they get out of the pasture there is still fencing between your property and the road? That is my biggest concern, we were going to complete the front with fencing and a gate but we don't have perimeter fencing.
    My front gates (I have two) is part of my perimeter fencing. I put in Ramm fencing as perimeter fencing, around the entire front of my property (including house and barn) and then down one long side along my back pastures (the other 2 sides of my property border forest, so no immediate need for strong perimeter fencing). But my "internal" pasture fencing, between the house/barn/fields is only hot-wire, which is why I installed front perimeter fencing. So if a horse books it out of the barn/fields, they at least have one more obstacle to get over before making it onto the road. And that reason is specifically why I installed my front fencing (and gates), and why I always keep my gates closed.

    ETA: my neighbor covets my front gate; he said around here (I just moved to the area), lots of people will start trolling the rural areas trying to sell things. He said my gate would keep them out entirely.

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    The Prairie


    Great question, OP, I am contemplating the same thing. I was wondering about emergency services. What if the fire dept or police need to get in quickly and I am not home?

    Also, the barn and arena have been built but house is last on the list (priorities, dontcha know) we are currently living in a mobile home and I don't want to put up a gate (frontage of property is entirely treed, only accessible via driveway) and then have to take it down for construction equipment to get through.
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    We've got an auto gate at our property entrance and I love it. Regular visitors all know the gate code. Deliveries are left at the gate (which is not visible from the road). If we're having a party, I leave the gate open for the duration for convenience but otherwise it is closed.

    Our only issue with the gate has been the power supply in winter. It is a solar-powered opener and when we get several overcast days in a row during the winter, it gets really slow or stops functioning all together. We've got a back up battery and a trickle charger for those times and it works fine just requires a little more hands-on attention.

    Our property is completely fenced and I like the security of knowing that the horses cannot leave the farm if they get out of their stall or paddock.
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    Mar. 24, 2010


    I had wanted our perimeter fence to only surround our barn area and mom wanted it to be an actual perimeter fence and also enclose the driveway. Since we both had valid reasons she offered to open the gate for me on my way out to work and on my way home from work if I agreed to fence the driveway. Worked for me!

    I am going to get an electric gate at some point, but for now this works, and I'm glad Mom won the discussion because we have a neighbor who has grazing rights and isn't making any effort to keep his cattle in anymore. We're an open range area to protect ranchers who are actually trying to be responsible and this turd isn't attempting to be - he actually was very blatant on the news when being interviewed about it because his cattle get into the city which does have laws about containing them. They destroy property and cause mayhem just being themselves - trying to survive in the desert with not a lot of food or water, so they trample what is in their way to get to perceived sources of food and water.

    We also live in an area where people dump dogs - and some have been attacking livestock. I actually have considered electrifying everything because the dogs can get over fences when they feel motivated, and it's a bit scary. Yes, our gate is always closed!
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