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    Default Rusty Clones

    "CRYOZOOTECH is proud to enter the Dressage world by presenting the two clones of RUSTY.
    Cryozootech will raise these horses to become stallions.
    Breeding and breaking dressage horses is a new area for CRYOZOTECH who will consider a partnership with a top dressage rider or breeder. Alternatively these yearlings could be sold."

    I'm curious... have any of the cloned showjumpers proven worthwhile? (And in case anyone has forgotten, here is Rusty in his prime:
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    Cloneing is just too weird! With no guarantees. Champions are a perfect storm of breeding/training/riding and luck.

    I'm sure there will be some who will get in line for horses like this.

    It's bound to have an effect on the breeding industry too. I so glad the TB people decided not to go that way.
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    I agree, individual stars are a perfect storm of genetics, training and riding. But many of those horses go to the breeding shed and the offspring face the same odds that cloned horses do. People take risks by breeding to stallions or breeding certain mares. You don't know what you get even if you breed the same stallion to the same mare 6 times. You don't know what you'll get with clones. Cloned horses are similar to twins, except they grow up in a different uterus, with different uterine environmental factors, and different raising. Clones can be as similar as twins, which we all know aren't always that similar in looks or personality. Rusty is an awesome horse with an awesome career. I'll be curious to know what these clones do. BTW, TBs do live cover, but the influx of quality sport horse bloodlines could never happen with the live cover breeding scheme that TBs use. Breeding to great TBs in the TB scheme is VERY expensive, and more than most breeders want to pay. Do the math!
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    The more this happens, the more we will be able to see the differences among genetically identical animals. I think we might learn quite a bit.

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    It will be interesting watching their progress. So many questions to answer.
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