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    Default Visor Brims For Helmets

    There was an interesting question about the best helmet visor over on Off Course. I found a new brim maker site in the answers and like the looks, fact that brim just fits on the helmet with no adhesives. So here is a link in case anyone else is looking for a full cover version of a visor for their helmet. Like the brim of a Western hat. There are other visor models too, which you might like better. It appears that there is also a red reflective piece on the back of the visor, which might be handy for making you visible while driving in the dusk.

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    Love mine, as I mentioned in the other thread. I don't care so much that it doesn't look very traditional. It works and it stays on in our violent Santa Ana Winds. Haven't had to adjust it or tighten it once since I first put it on. I ride with a Tipperary Sportage and it fits very well. And seriously, it's only $35.
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    We got the helmet shades

    what I LIKE is the size of the brim is good and it really does give that extra coverage from sun in your eyes

    where we drive is treeless/shadeless and full sun with the setting sun right in your face

    what I DONT LIKE as much
    they attach to the helmet with flanges that use small strips of sticky back velcro
    would look better with a ribbon or something around it - I just have never got arround to that

    also the brim has a wire around the edge and we cna never seem to get that adjusted so the brim curves at a pleasing angle
    always seem to have some lums to the curve - makes you look a bit hillbilly
    I dont really mind it but it drives Tricia crazy
    and so suddenly WHILE I AM DRIVING she is there tweeking the helmet brim so it is not so dorky

    comes in black and tan so we got tan which complements our green and navy helmets
    thought the black was just too dark looking??

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    Dec. 12, 2002
    Ontario, Canada


    I have used the equivisor ( and it seems to work pretty well... no adhesives, just slips on over my helmet. Haven't used it driving but have used it riding and it stays on even in canter.

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