Posting for a friend...she is off to go back to school and looking for a home for her special TB mare. Feel free to PM me for more information or pictures, or use the contact info listed below.

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"Addie (JC registered Troyanna Miss) is a 12 year old, dark bay, off-track thoroughbred mare. She is currently boarded at EarthTree Equestrian Center in Oberlin, Ohio. Addie came to me in January 2012—severely underweight, covered in mud and dreadlocks, and in need of some serious TLC. Just over a year later, she is at a perfect weight, her coat is beautiful and shiny, and she has made lots of progress. Sadly, I am moving to Chicago for school in the fall, and my funds have run out for helping this special mare.

Unfortunately I don’t know much of Addie’s history, but I know it hasn’t been a happy one. Between coming off the track and finding her way to me she has had at least four owners and even passed through an auction. When I brought her home, she had been sitting in someone’s backyard for almost five years, and it quickly became clear that she had not had any formal or consistent training since her racing days.

Addie is smart, sensitive, and incredibly athletic. She has potential for almost any discipline, but she needs someone with a quiet, relaxed attitude and a lot of patience. She rarely spooks or misbehaves, but she has a lot of energy and insecurity under saddle. Addie is an anxious mare. She can be very sweet and willing, but it is very difficult for her to trust people. On her good days, she is a joy to work with, but it is going to take a special person who has a lot of patience and understanding to help her really blossom.

Addie also has some unusual medical challenges. She periodically has “narcoleptic” episodes, though only while at rest and never under saddle. She also occasionally displays some other neurological oddities. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to really get to the bottom of these issues. My hope is to find Addie a person with the desire and resources to figure out exactly what is going on.

Addie is one of the most well behaved horses I have ever seen when it comes to farrier, vet, and dentist. With a calm handler she will stand beautifully for shoes, vaccines, blood draws, wound care, and even to get her teeth floated without sedation. She is also a dream to trailer. Addie is up to date on all vaccines and has a current coggins.

This beautiful girl has so much potential, and I have no doubt that with the right person she will become a fun, talented ride and a wonderful companion. It breaks my heart to let her go, because we have helped each other through a very rough year, but it’s time for us both to move on to greater things. Addie is a very special girl, and will only go to the best home and the perfect human.

Many photos and video on request. Please contact Carson Reid:, 303-406-3924"