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    Default Favorite brand of paste electrolytes?

    My horse got pretty hot and over-tired at a horse show this weekend. The next day, someone mentioned she may need electrolytes (duh! why didn't I think of that.) Luckily there was a place on site that had paste electrolytes that I could buy and give to her. It really seemed to perk her up.

    So, I now want to give her paste electrolytes at the end of each day we are at a show, especially in hot weather. Of course, I administered the paste and threw the tube away so don't even know what brand I gave her.

    Does anyone have a "favorite" brand of paste electrolytes that they use at shows or on long trips? Is there much of a difference? Should I just buy whatever my local store has in stock and not worry about it?


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    Electro-plex! Also, my horse gets watery buckets of rice bran a week leading up to the show, and 2x a day at the show Some of that liquid is coconut water, as it's a great natural electrolyte source.

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    I do feed through electrolytes for my guys, but after xc on a hot day, ill use a paste especially since my guy goes off food and refuses to eat supps at shows. I honestly just use whatever is on sale, I think I have three tubes of one made by stressdex. Orange label on tube. Cheap and easy to use.

    I also do a gatorade water bucket at events to help him drink. He loves the fruit punch flavor and I make it with a powder so its cheap. He drinks more than if he had plain water only. He still gets a bucket of normal water as well.
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    I like summer games plus,I did a hot(95 ) humid 30 using this and my horse recovered really well. Another way you could approach this is to give some soaked beet pulp w/ perform and win (powdered) electrolyte. Perform and Win was recommened to me by a prominent endurance rider and I've been very pleased with it. The soaked beet pulp will put some water in the hindgut along with the electrolytes. It may be easier then remembering to give electroyltes in paste form and worrying if your horse isn't drinking well. You don't want to give paste electroyltes if your horse isn't drinking!

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    ill use a paste especially since my guy goes off food and refuses to eat supps at shows.
    Not pertaining to the OP's question, but have you thought that maybe your horse has ulcers if he goes off feed when trucked out to a show?
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