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    Default Ideas for essentl oil air fresheners for the barnmaybe repel fly as bonus???

    So my dad is obsessed with trying to keep our barn not smelling like a barn (I think he is worried the neighbors will get mad). We keep our manure in a closed dumpster and we clean up at least 5 times a day.
    Today I come out and find he has put store-bought sticky air fresheners on the dumpster. They worked really, really well. Too well. I HATE fake fragrance smells and it was giving me a headache while I was with the horses. Especially that fake frangrance mixed with horse smell. I want my barn smelling NATURAL not like osme old lady's carpet powder.
    Can't move the dumpster or the I was trying to brainstorm a way to use something more natural as a compromise....something with essential oils, maybe peppermint and eucalyptus or something. I guess we could just make a spray, but I was trying to think of something I could make to hang on it like the air freshener my dad had purchased, but with nice natural smells instead. Possibly something that would also be a nice fly repelent and we could also hang by the barn???
    Has anyone ever made any kind of all natural, hanging, essential oil air freshener/fly repelant type thingy???

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    Mar. 27, 2009
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    Eu de grasse.

    Actually, try pine.

    Frankly, I'd ban my father from the barn if he fooled around like that. As long as the property is clean there should be no smells. However, that said, I would NOT keep the dumpster anywhere near the barn - you're only asking for flies and if you keep your barn clean, it will be a fly free haven during the hottest part of the day for your horses.

    If your farm is blowing odors onto neighborning properties, there's something seriously amiss. Such could only come from a pile of manure or something rotting. If you have the dumpster dumped twice a week, and you clean up the barn several times a day, what's to smell?

    Dad needs to justify what he's doing - if there isn't a source of bad odor, he's got to back off. If there is, he needs to dispose of it off the property. Manure shouldn't be 'smelling'. It is only decomposing grass, point out to him. Its not dog or cat feces. The smell of a meat eating animal can be bad, but the horses just don't stink. If the dumpster does, it should be placed where it isn't going to blow into the barn or any houses, and just really, I mean, honestly, I don't know anyone's dumpster which stinks. Truly. It gets dumped so frequently, it just doesn't.
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