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    Default Riding out the random crow

    My mare unloaded me Monday after a series of crow hops. Somehow, I got behind the saddle and came off through the back door.

    She doesn't do this on any kind of a regular basis & it caught me completely off guard. We were walking along the arena rail when she started in.

    I know I should:
    1.Get her head up
    2. leg on to go forward (no whip at hand)

    but what else am I missing?

    Guess I've never really run into this with any other horse I've ridden. Or I was younger, fitter, and more ready to deal with it.

    ps-not off topic, really, but I figured lots of people are reading here. Mods, feel free to move.
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    My mare is looky and reactive, but she's 8 now, and it has improved. Start on the ground to take control before mounting. Disrespect in the cross ties to stealing food on the ground should not be tolerated. If you have won the leadership before mounting, riding will go better. I've a younger horse now, and I'm finding that I spend most of my horse time too inattentive to bring him along properly, so I'm humbly trying to concentrate more, execute more of a planned time with him, and take time after our work to analyze what could be improved.

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    Grab mane with weak hand, pull strong hand into armpit

    Disarms all naughtiness
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    Kick as hard as you can. Hold on tight.

    Seriously, a horse cannot go up and down if it is going forward. When I had a horse who resembled a rodeo bronc, a cowboy told me this and it has become my mantra.

    Your instinct is to grab the reins to stop the horse. WRONGO. Grabbing the reins allows the horse to tuck his head and get behind the bit. Slowing the horse down allows him to get even more verticle thrust.

    So grab mane and KICK on. Scream like a banshee if you need to. Whatever it takes to get him galloping forward. And, if you are in a secure position, keep him galloping until he wants to stop. Then go around twice more.

    He will quickly get the idea that bad behavior = exhaustion from galloping.
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    The above, plus an unmistakable expression of verbal displeasure. Mine tends to be, "EEEEEEEEYYYAAATTTTTTTTT!!!!!"

    She knows what THAT means . . .

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    I used to ride a lesson horse who crow hopped so often I liked to call him Mr Pogo Stick. This was an evasion to keep from going forward. So the only possible was to kick on. Kick was usually followed by whip, so there would be a succession of crow hop>kick>whip until the crow hopping stopped and the going forward started. Gotta say it's one good way to get a better seat
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    Seriously, in my experience, you have to successfully hang on and just stay on a couple times, before the brain is able to turn on the next time it happens and you are able to execute one of the above suggestions.
    If you do not have the bravery to kick on (and I often do not), the only stopping technique I found actually works is to pull hard enough on ONE rein to literally put the horse's nose on his/her shoulder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Eboshi View Post
    The above, plus an unmistakable expression of verbal displeasure. Mine tends to be, "EEEEEEEEYYYAAATTTTTTTTT!!!!!"

    She knows what THAT means . . .
    Yup. Followed with "ATATATATATATATAAAAAAAAAAAT!" for good measure if the point isn't immediately taken.
    "I'm not always sarcastic. Sometimes I'm asleep."
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    My older TB is/was a bucker. One of my trainers taught me to never let go of the outside rein since being able to bend them into the outside as well as moving forward would not allow them to buck.

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