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    Default how to lace boots with laces/grommets all the way up the leg?

    I just lucked into a very cool a pair of schooling boots. They have typical field boot type lacing on the foot, but the lacing continues up the shin bone - only there are vertical pairs of holes on one side, and a speed lace type grommet on the other side for each pair of holes. I guess you pull the lace from between the pair of holes over to the grommet in a v shape....

    Anyway, I have no idea how to tie off the lace up (or down?) the shin. There are holes only on one side at the top - the top pair of holes. The current lace has a knot at the bottom set of holes and I guess the owner tightened it to the top then tied it off somehow - but how? The 75" laces I bought are not long enough to do like you would a traditional field boot with the laces at the ankle. No matter how I plan it, the two ends of the leg part of the lacing wind up at opposite ends - one at the top, one at the bottom.

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    Feb. 9, 2009


    Them's gorgeous boots. Get the laces that are super long. They can be hard to find - try 108". It sounds as if they might have been laced like English field boots instead of work boots. They are so beautiful, they're worth all this trouble.
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    Gorgeous! I expected boots more like mine, but what a cool surprise! (Mine are similar to these but black and Vogel... )
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    Feb. 9, 2005
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    OOOH! those are NICE! Mine are Dehners, custom for someone. I wound up using two laces - short on bottom, then long on top. I laced the bottom like sneakers, so the bow is in the right place. I started the top lacing at the bottom of the shaft, equal lengths on each side, then ran them both up the holes, alternating sets - so the left lace has hole pairs/grommet 1-3-5, the right lace has 2-4-6. At the top I adjusted it so each comes out at the space between the top two sets of holes, so I can tie it there.

    When I tried to use just one lace, similar to traditional field boots lacing, when I tightened the top, it pulled the top down....

    I used plain brown round laces. Now I am going to look for blue laces or very thin paracord. (Regular paracord is too fat for the grommets.) Why not have fun?

    I'll get a pic tomorrow when I have them on....

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